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10 best places to go on first date and have some fun

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Now, there are some traditional and a bit boring venues or first date places, such as restaurants or movies. Can we do better? Can we find at least 10 alternatives and be creative? Surely we can, but first let’s find out about the three worst places to take a girl to for the first date.

  • Movies

You cannot really get to know your date there, because it’s dark and you two cannot converse. How do you decide whether to go on the second date, if you really missed the first one?

  • Bowling

Again, this is one of the worst places to go to on a first date, because you do not have the time to talk. You chat in between the thing, but no real good and hearty conversation is there.

  • Concerts

There is the same reason again, there it is. The music plays loud and you two have no way of talking to each other.


So, make sure you avoid making the aforementioned mistakes. Here is a funny first date quote for you:

“What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night? The only difference is there aren’t many job interviews where you’ll wind up naked.”

If you do everything right, that might be the case for your first date, too.

Fun places to take your girlfriend to on the first date:

Here are some general tips for you for the best 1st date ideas. For one, you two need to be able to talk to each other. So, pick the places with little noise. Sitting and starring at each other is not much fun, so pick a place with something to do to add up to your conversations. Here is a list that fit such criteria well:

  1. Aquarium

You can walk and talk and joke together. Plenty of space for conversations and for new topics for those, who have hard time just sitting at a restaurant, starring at the girl and figuring out what to talk about or what questions to ask. In aquarium there is more space and scope for imagination and interactions.

  1. Mini Golf

Mini-golf dating

Great place for the first date, because you walk as a couple and you have something to do, too. Again, for those, having trouble keeping up unending conversation at an eatery. It’s a more quite place with tons of fun.

  1. Ice-skating

Again, this is the place for a couple activity (if both of you know how to do it). You can ice skate and talk and have fun.

  1. Comedy gigs

You can sit and talk, and you can have much fun, too. No need to really map out the entire conversation topics for the date. And that is good news for most guys, isn’t it? It puts off such much pressure of you. Only make sure she like comedy. You can just ask her about it and let her know you are serious and considerate, too.

  1. Take a class together

Make it something fun, something everyone likes and can relate to. Do not take a class on how to fix a car or build a space shuttle. Make it something more relevant for the girl. For instance, you can take a cooking class (making pizza or chocolate sweets). It may not be your favorite thing to do, but it is fun and offers many opportunities for chatting.

  1. Adult shops (What?!)


Yes, a very unusual location for the first or any date, but it works. After all, it is fun! And, you can talk as much as you like there. The topics would be suggested by the location, too. Pick a large shop and get few jokes ready to match the occasion. Make a good intro to such a date place, sort of tune her up for and go.

  1. Museum

They are not boring, if you pick the right ones. In our days there are all kinds of museums out there (not only art or history). You can visit a science museum. Or some kind of place, where they let you do something and interact with things. You can even pick kids’ museum or location for doing experiments, etc. Lots of fun!

  1. Cue sports

We are not talking about sex here. You can play billiards and have fun. There is plenty of time for talking and getting to know each other. So, basically any venue, where you can play games make good places to go on a date for the first time. Make sure it is somewhere with no loud music and no team games. You wish to focus on each other and interact with each other as much as possible.

  1. Bars


Even if you are not in for a drink, it still could be fun. You can have snacks, chats, play some games, watch people, etc. And, you are not stuck there for a long while, as it is with a fancy dinner. What if you two do not really take to each other? You are pretty much stuck at the restaurant, but at the bar you can alter your plans easily.

  1. Theme parks

Finally, you may take your new Bae to a theme park to have some fun. There is couple of things to consider there. Do not go on extreme rides, because you can get an upset stomach and ruin the date. Avoid all kinds of extreme and go for more mild entertainment and attractions. This way you can make the most out of your date. And never ever try to impress your girlfriend by doing some crazy things. What if they do not work for you?

So, where to go on first date? Now you have 10 alternative and creative ideas. Pick the one you fancy the most, but do not forget to let your lady know where you are going. This way you would get properly dressed for having fun with you.