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10 romantic things to do for your wife

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What first comes to your mind when you think of romance? Roses, heroic acts or fancy restaurants or sex? Do you deem being romantic is a sheer foolishness, nonsense and waste of time and money? Well, in reality romance is none of those things.

The goal of romance is not super hot sex or making peace with your consciousness for doing the right thing. The goal of romance is to make the other person feel special, valued, appreciated and loved. After all, romance can be less “romantic” than you think.

Here are 10 ideas for you to benefit from, if you start running out of romantic clues.

10 top romantic ideas for wife

Your wife is your most significant one. When you dated her, you took time, trouble and spent money to please her and impress her, to make her feel special. Moreover, now when you are married you should keep on doing nice things to make a happy couple.


1) Find little things she likes

You see, the gifts are not so much about money or about being fancy. Most women just LOVE little cute funny things. You may find them in small craft shops or in larger supermarkets on sale, too. Yes, shopping may not sound a very manly thing to do, but you can sacrifice some of it and find your wife the adorable little treasures she loves… and brags about to her friends a lot!

2) Write notes

This is free and it is working! Now, you may not feel all that romantic and you may not need such things, but she does. So, make a schedule and plan things. Arrange your romantic life in a very manly fashion. Just plan to send your wife at least two notes a week. Then look up some romantic sweet quotes or poems on the internet.

Get a pack of cute cards. Write the quotes on them and hide away. Then just pull out one whenever you wish or when she has done something super sweet for you. Or, when you quarreled (just find few quotes on that occasion, too) and give it to her.

3) Sext her

Your sex life actually should not be limited to bedroom. That’s when it gets boring. Here is a new word for you: sext. It basically means you send her sexy text messages, often!

4) Make her tea or coffee

Or drive out to get a cup of fresh aroma morning sip just for her. Yes, it might be an early wake up for you, but it is worth it.


5) Compliment her

Say good things or write good things. Leave those small post it notes everywhere around the house with at least one good thing about her on each of them.

6) Do little videos

This is one of the best romantic surprises for wife. You may take her smart phone and record a little love message for her there. Or use yours and then send it to her. The very fact you spend time doing that would make her feel special and make her feel good about you. You may do such things occasionally or something big and special for her birthday or any other date.

7) Take her out

It is one of the romantic things to do for your wife. Do not even hope for a happy married life, if you stop taking your wife out for the date. You do need a night out, just two of you. No friends, NO kids. And, do not just come over and say: baby, let’s go out tonight. You could have done it that when you dated. She did not have kids on hands, she did not have that job and the house to clean.

It gets a bit more complicated than that when you have a family. So, make sure you find a babysitter or send the kids over to your parents for the night. You help her do the choirs (you do not want a fully exhausted woman on that date). You prepare and tell her ahead of time. Rammer the waiting and excitement is already half the deal.

8) Spend time together

Just talking! Remember, you used to do that a lot, when you dated. You cannot possibly make your marriage work, if you do not have time just to talk. And make it special and romantic. Buy some chocolates for your wife, set up a little tea table or brew up her favorite coffee. Pour some wine and spend the time together sharing, joking, having fun and chatting.

9) Give her sexy undergarments

By now you should know and love her size! So, buy something really special for her. Internet makes it so much easier. Just shop online if you do not feel like going to the offline location. Leave her this present in the bedroom with a red rose for passion.

10) Treat her like that girl you fall in love with


She is still there, somewhere in your wife. Yes, you two get so used to each other and so busy with the life, kids, house, jobs. But that significant one that girl that made you feel so good is still there. She is waiting for you to rediscover her and fall in love with her once again. If you don’t someone else may do it in your stead and that’s going to hurt.

So, find things that could make her life easier and more enjoyable for her. Find the way to make that special laugh of her to go all the ways in the eyes! Make her happy and she will pay you back abundantly!

These tips are pretty simple and easy to follow. Yes, you need to do some planning and some work, but relationships die away, if you do not invest in them. Many guys say:

She never does anything special for ME.

Well, you are the man. This means you are the initiator. What you sow you will reap and that’s one law that works in the family. Always!