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3 Signs Your Vacation Fling Can Last Long-term

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Vacation flings are magical, but they often tend to be fleeting. Many people leave their overseas romance on the beach, choosing not to pursue them and risk getting their heart broken. But a vacation fling can last, so why let something special go to waste simply because you don’t live near each other? Falling in love overseas is enchanting, and an experience you’ll never forget, but that love can flourish just as beautifully back at home, even with the trials of everyday life. Here’s five signs your vacation romance is meant to last…

Your vacation fling began accidentally

If you set out to find something casual whilst on vacation, there was always a good chance that you’d meet someone who wanted the same thing. It’s was no doubt a lot of fun, but it’s unlikely to lead to a serious relationship. On the other hand, if your romantic fling began when you met someone accidentally, and you met and clicked naturally, there’s more chance of it lasting long-term. When you bumped into each other in the line for a boat trip, this may have been fate pushing you together!

You want the same things

When meeting someone abroad, the most serious decision you will need to make together is which cocktail to try, or where to eat that night. In the real world, more serious questions need to be asked if your relationship is to go the distance. Are your hopes and dreams for the future the same? Do you both want to settle down in the suburbs, or does one want to spend their life travelling the world? Shared goals for the future are a good sign that once the vacation is over, a relationship could be on the cards.

You genuinely enjoy each other’s company

This does not mean having sex. Most vacation romances are built around this, but for a relationship to last long-term, you need to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. If you find yourself talking all night after meeting someone abroad, and you just love spending time with them, even when doing something as simple as strolling around the local shops or sitting by the pool, there’s a good chance you’ll be great together when you return to normality at home.

Hooking up on vacation is a lot of fun, but your romantic fling doesn’t need to end when you pack your suitcase to go home. If you have a real connection, and you have more than just your choice of cocktails in common, why not rekindle things back home? When it comes to dating someone you met on vacation, it’s like any relationship – invest your time and appreciate them at every opportunity, and there’s no reason why your romance can’t continue to flourish long after your plane has touched down in home soil.