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5 crucial tips for succesfull online email dating

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If you have never done online email dating, you might think it’s an easy thing. However, if you did have some experience with it then you know how frustrating it could be. You certainly need some tips that would make it work for you.

5 best online dating email tips

  1. Writing your first email

It might turn out to be harder than you think. For one, never hope your email would be the only one the other person gets. If she or he is hot, most likely they’d be getting tons of such emails. This means yours has to be really eye catching to get their attention and lead to further conversation.

Where do you start? You start with a great tag line. Most people never care to read the whole thing unless your title appeals to them. How do you do it? First, read the profile of your future date. Find out what they like. They might mention their favorite writer or movie. You can use a quote from it in your title line.


Focus on the letter recipient instead of expressing yourself in the line. Try to figure out how those words would make them feel. Would they be eager to read the rest of your email? Would it make them feel special? Would you sound unique and creative enough to capture their attention? These are the kinds of questions to ask.

  1. Keep it short

How much time do you spend reading something online? Most people spend just a few moments. So, get right to the point and be short. Do not leave the best for the last. The rules of writing regular letters do not apply to online dating. What should be the approximate word count for the first online dating email? 100+ words are enough.

You see, crafting a long and thoughtful message is time-consuming. Plus, it is time-consuming to read it. Time and effort are an investment. You are to contact a complete stranger and many a time your effort would not produce any results.

So, basically, you squander your time and ask a stranger on the other end to squandering theirs on reading a long first letter. After all, they may not want to write you back. By keeping it short you save your time and theirs, too.

  1. Stick with the online dating etiquette


Yes, there is one. The first and utmost rule is – NO FRAUD! Do not fake any information about yourself. No outdated photos on your profile, no false information. Be authentic, be yourself. No one really wants to waste their time on someone who does not fall in line with their desires, tastes or expectations. So, be truthful and save your own time and the time of the other person.

Keep your online profile updated and accurate. So, once a person gets inspired by your first email, they would be able to get more information on you and make their decision to write you back or stay away. Plus, keep your social media profiles in line with your dating one. If a person gets really interested in you, they would look up your other data on your Facebook or other pages. Make sure they all fall in line and provide true information about you. This is one of the essential rules for the online dating email tips and communications.

  1. Get personal

Do not write one for all first email dating messages and then keep sending it to different people. If you keep it short, you can craft a new message every time you plan to initiate a conversation with the prospect date. Use their name in your message.  Ask them a question, but not just any question. Take a little time to browse through their online profile and see what they are interested in. Be relevant as that boosts your chances for success.

Just put yourself in his or her shoes. Would you like to receive the impersonal type of the first email? You surely know they have just written it once and did not even care to insert your name into it. Would you write back? Why should they?

So, be nice, show your interest by being personal and treating the other person nicely. Yes, you do not see them and may never see them, but being nice never hurts.

  1. Keep your email communication down to a minimum


The question is how many is too many? How to get a clue in the online dating when to meet? Surely, it’s not a good idea to answer the first email by an invitation to meet. You would only scare away possible dates. But again writing back and forth for weeks and months is just a waste of time.

A good rule of a thumb to follow is 3 emails. You write the first email and they write you back. Then you keep at it for 2-3 more messages and then offer to meet. If they say they are not ready yet, you might be just squandering your time. If the communications do not last for 3 emails, then the other person is not into you.

But if they wish to keep writing back and forth, there are good chances you lose them. They might be either already meeting too many other people or someone else might have an amazing date with them and they would quit writing altogether.

Once you meet in person, you can either impress each other and get it going or decide not to spend your time on correspondence with the person.

These tips for online dating and emailing would make your life so much easier and your dating less frustrating and more exciting. You can boost your chances for success and get some highly satisfying dates or even find the love of your life. Enjoy your dating, meet new people and have fun.