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5 way-outs when your relationship gets boring

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Getting bored in your stable relationships? You are not alone, there are other people who feel the same way and get bored in relationships. Is there a cure for such a problem? Let’s first discover the reasons for being tired of each other and then get 5 top solutions.

Why relationship boredom occurs?

The cause for such a thing is hidden deep down in the essence of intimate relationships. We enter them in an exciting way. We get attracted to another person and sort of discover them. It’s an adventure. We get inspired by new ideas, emotions, thoughts and ways they bring into our lives.

The closer we get and the deep we know them, the more stable relations we create. This stability can be as desirable as the adventure and newness of the first stage. We love and are being loved, we get accepted and well acquainted with each other. Eventually, we can get so stable and predictable, that it becomes monotonous.

You see, security is an awesome thing, but when it gets too secure, you start feeling imprisoned and trapped in your relationships. At this point the discovery and adventure is gone and being comfortable with each other also means being limited by each other.

Here is a good example of such “killing comfort” in relations. Two young people date and then move in. They live together for about a year and describe their relations as boring. They feel like their partner keeps repeating all the same thoughts, using all the same words and doing the same thing over and over again. The discovery and adventure is clear gone out of their communication and interaction. Even sex becomes habitual and dull. Is there a way to cure it?

What to do when your relationship gets boring?

Here are few things you can do to change the staleness in boring relationship. Get active and do something new and exciting to preserve the freshness of life and love.

  1. Check yourself up

    You think the other person is boring and monotonous, but how about you? There are good chances they might be feeling the same way about you. The newness is gone and you might be a bit stuck with your life. You get into some vicious circle of going to working, coming back home, doing the choirs, etc.
    How about your personal growth? There is never time to stop growing. Could it be that you are bored with yourself and not with the other person? Are you stuck in life and looking for someone to come and risqué you? That might happen at any age or stage in life.
    The truth is your rescuer is YOU! You are the only one who can change something, boost your own growth and development. Get a new hobby. Try something new you have never tried, read new books or watch new movies. Listen to a new kind of music you are not used to. Once you introduce new things and experiences into your life, you would have plenty to share with your partner and get your relations more exciting.

  2. Change the way you two spend spent time together

    In our days many people get overly consumed with internet and social networks or other sources of information. Even when they spend time “together” they browse sites or chat with their friends online. It might be the cause of boredom in your relations. You stopped being focused on each other. Spend some quality time together with no one or nothing else in between. Have a hearty talk or do things you love together and be fully present and involved.

  3. Be spontaneous

    Get creative. Give gifts or do pleasant things without any cause. Just bring over a bunch of flowers for the girl you love. She is the same girl that made you so excited and happy just a little while ago. If you are a lady, just remember how he made you feel and caused those butterflies in your stomach.

    He is the same. So, dress up for him, do something special to excite him. Be amazing in sex or start flirting with him again. That is something most men complain about. They say women take them for granted and stop being flirtations.

  4. Do something just for them

    Just remember how eager you were to please the other person, when you started dating. You listened to them and did what pleased them. Yes, it may cost you a little effort now to do that. Well, do something they enjoy, give a boost to your relations by investing an effort on your side. After all you cannot hope to for this first excitement to last on its own without any effort on your side. It’s like fire that needs more wood to burn brighter.

  5. Start a project

If you have your life and they have their life with nothing much in common, you would be bored with each other. One of the best boring relationships advice is to start a project you two run together. It could be a hobby or a business. Something you both would be passionate about. 

Something that would unite you, give you energy and excitement. Something you could always talk about. You could go for sports. Or start fixing and decorating your apartment. Just about any new and inspiring thing would do. If you have common goal, you get to know each other deeper and stay interested in each other.

Finally, never ever suppose you know all there is to know about the other person. It is not like he or she is the book you read a few times and know by heart. They always have something to surprise you with. Just look for those things, keep on discovering one another and do not let each other get stuck in life. Relationships can never last if you do not invest in them. Become a great investor and keep the boredom out of your love.