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6 Interesting Ways to Keep Your Relationship Going Strong

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A lot of times, when you ask a couple that seems like they are head over heels in love with each other what’s their secret, they may tell you something generic like listen to each other or have a healthy sex life.

Yes, these things are important, but there’s more to a happy relationship than just those two things!

As you read this article, you’ll find some interesting ways you can keep your relationship healthy and happy.

1. Spend Time Apart

Spending quality time with your partner is important, but so is having a little me-time. When you spend some time away from your partner, you can truly appreciate that person. Not only will you appreciate them more when you are together, but you’ll have new things to talk about, which always keeps things fresh.

2. Laugh Together

Couples who are always laughing together are more likely to stay together. Go see a comedy show, watch a funny movie, or tell each other funny stories. Don’t be afraid to show your partner your silly side! Having the ability to let down your hair and laugh is going to help balance out the serious events that’ll happen in life and your relationship.

3. Sleep Together

When we say sleep together, we don’t necessarily mean have more sex (but that helps too). We mean that you should actually sleep together. A study from 2017 showed that when a couple sleeps 7 to 8 hours together in the same bed, they have a higher libido and they are less likely to have nasty arguments. If you and your partner have different sleep schedules, you may experience more conflict, spend less quality time together, and have lower sex drives… All of which can cause strain on the relationship.

4. Make Future Plans Together

Making plans for the future with your partner is a great way to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Having the same goals gives you and your partner something to work for together and gives you both a chance to be one another’s support system if and when the other person struggles. This type of planning and support is a great way to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Discomfort

No one likes being in an uncomfortable situation, but in order to have a healthy relationship, you have to be willing to be vulnerable. You can’t have walls up if you want to be in an intimate relationship with someone. You have to be able to open up and talk to your partner about the things that make you uncomfortable. Not only will talking about things that bother you help bring you and your partner together, but it also gives you a chance to talk about things that you otherwise may never talk about. It can be therapeutic to get it all off your chest!

6. Start New Traditions

Many families have traditions or routines that are unique to them. Being in a relationship means you are creating your own family unit, so creating new routines or traditions for this new family can be exciting! It can be as simple as picking out a new family ornament for every Christmas or you go on a camping trip each year. These new traditions and routines can help solidify and strengthen your relationship, but can also be passed down to your children.

Final Thoughts

Relationships can be difficult to maintain, but they don’t have to be. With a little bit of effort and openness, your relationship can be a source of fulfillment and happiness.