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How to tell if a girl likes you – 7 Tricky ways

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Having a crush on a girl, but feel intimidated approaching and talking to her? Well, if you knew she likes you too that would make things better. So, what are some of the hidden signs you could resort and tell if the girl is fond of you? Let’s get the 7 tricky ones and decode them.

How to tell if a girl likes you

  • < 1 > Catch her glances

If a woman likes you, she would sort of keep an eye on you. Whenever you are in the same space or room with her, just look to see if she is eyeing you. Focus on the times you speak to other folks. When you converse, she might want to turn to you to hear your words and how you interact. At this, monitor her body language.

How to tell if a girl likes you body language would show that. She would kind of turn to you and face you. She would also change her posture. She would stand up straighter sort of pushing her breast forward for you to see her womanly shape.

A shy girl, on the contrary, may close up and hold her hands around her. She is shy and anxious not to show you her emotions and affection. That’s a sign, too.

  • < 2 > Watch her laugh


So, how can you tell if a girl likes you? If a lady is fond of you, she would laugh at all your jokes (even the dumbest ones). You may test it on purpose. When you talk to her, make few fairly stupid jokes and see how she responds. If she giggles at them, she is surely into you. She wants to support you and show you her interest. That is why she does it. Yes, your friends might tell you the truth and the damsel, who is not into you would scorn you for such jokes.

But the one that really crushes on you would heartily laugh and even a bit overdo it.

  • < 3 > Judge her looks

Are there any significant changes in the way she dresses or wears makeup when she is next to you? If the girl is not neatly dressed and does not care to put on the makeup or even take a shower being around you, she is not into you. On the other hand, if she takes extra energy to look her best and sweet, she surely likes you. This does not just happen to women. They have to spend time and go an extra mile to look their best.

If she does not really care to impress you with her outfits and appearance you that might mean you are in the friend zone. Not a good sign!

  • < 4 > She plays with her hair


How to tell if a woman likes you? If a damsel touches her hair (more than usual) when conversing with you, she plays with it and fixes or coils it all the time, she might have a crush on you. That is just what girl do. It’s their normal response to the dudes they like. They wish to attract your attention (subconsciously) to their beauty and get you to like them back.

  • < 5 > She talks or texts you back

Girls love to talk to the guys they like. So, she would use any chance to chat or talk to you. She may like your posts on social media, she may write you on the messenger and ask questions. Typically a girl that likes you would ask tons of questions. She would also respond rather promptly to your messages. And when she does, she would use complete sentences and keep up the dialogue.

If she answers untimely and says just yes or no, she may be trying to let you know she is not into you. But if she keeps up the conversations (verbal or written), she likes you. She might also be using emoji and hearts or other cute things when texting.

  • < 6 > She teases you


Does she make fun of you with her friends when you are there? Does she tease you? It’s a good signal. She would not care to do that if she did not like you. When a lady likes a man, she cannot avoid talking about this person. So, if she talks about you to her pals, it is also a good sign. Which brings us to…

  • < 7 > Watch her friends

They are the ones who surely know if the girl is into you. So, they would give you (or her) that funny look when you pass by. They would tease you and try to figure out if you like her back. Just listen to their talks. They would surely give out the truth. If they know much about you, it means she brings up that often and talks about you. It’s an awesome sign she has a crush on you!

Yes, all the 7 signs are pretty tricky. They require skill to fathom them out and put together. Do not use just any one of them separately. A combination of several would provide you with a more reliable judgment. So, take a little time before you approach the girl and just watch her. Interact with her in a group, try several jokes on her and watch her response and body language.

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So, how to tell if she likes you? Just heed to the girl. Some girls are timid and they try to veil their feelings while others are very self-confident. They may just plainly tell you they like you! Of course, they would not do it in the guy fashion: coming straight to you and telling. They would laugh and tease and say they like you and you even might think they are joking, but they are not.

So, listen, watch, fathom out and summon the courage up to approach the girl of your dream!