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Best 5 Ways for Men to seduce any Girl he wants

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Sexuality is one of the essential ingredients in relationships between men and women. It works like the spice and without it the communication becomes rather plain. Most men when they interact with women have that sex context and goal in mind. But what do you do if a girl just views you as a friend? Learn the ways to change that and seduce her.

Best ways to seduce a girl

1. Get out of her “friendzone”


Many guys complain about having this trouble. They get plenty of communication with the girl they want, but none of it leads to any result. There is no sparkle in her, and she just gets way too comfortable with you. No sex appeal, no interest in that kind of interaction, no flirting, nothing.

How do you get out of the friend zone? You need to spark up her interest and watch for her reaction. It is natural for men and women to touch each other when they flirt or have sex oriented communication. They get that attraction and become drawn to each other.

So, make sure you do your best to look good, smell good nice and clean. Present yourself the best way you can and make yourself appealing physically, but do not stop there.

Most women can overlook some issues in man’s appearance if they get attracted to him as a person. Yes, the hot look is awesome, but you should be hot inside, too. Smart, funny, interesting. Your personally should be attractive. If you are boring, and she sees nothing special about you, that would hardly help you get out of the friend zone. So, intrigue her, learn things, get new jokes, be funny and train your sense of humor. Build up your personality to offer something valuable and attractive to the lady.

2. Be confident and vulnerable at the same time

Stay confident

Sounds like impossible. Most likely you have heard about the first part over and over again. And it works, but… some men say: I tried hard, I played that “die hard” guy and still failed. The reason why you fail is this: you just played it. It is not real. No man can be just super self-confident and hero like all the time, no mistakes, no weaknesses, nothing.

It looks either extremely arrogant, like:

“Hey, baby, I’ll take you for a ride, or I am taking you out tonight.”

Maybe you have used those pick-up lines yourself or heard them from other guys. Most of the times a lady feel tempted to say: “No, you are not!” That’s the end of the story.

You may hear tons of such advice on how to pick up chicks. But what is missed there is the second part – the vulnerability. Simply saying it means being a human. What seduces women in men is not only their confidence but their humanity and ability to open up. If you thought to be confident is hard, just think about this one.

You open up, you just get to be yourself, and you not only show your strong sides but your weaknesses, too. You know how to laugh at yourself. You can be clumsy at times and just turn it all to a joke and get a hearty laugh at it. What it does, it allows a woman to relax and enjoy herself. She is playing “die hard” too. When she sees you being human and ok with it, she is much more likely to trust you and be attracted to you, and that is exactly what you are after! Confidence and vulnerability is a killer combination.

3. Your eyes


Eye contact is important, but it is not the only place to look at. If you look at her lips while talking to her, you trigger her sexuality. She automatically starts thinking about kissing you or even having sex with you. A couple of looks at her boobs or other attractive parts of her body would flatter her and let her know you think of sex with her and are attracted to her. Many a time women mirror men in their sexual desires. You got the key, so start the engine!

4. Overcome her hard to get defense

Women want sex, and that is the truth. They want it often and much, but the society places certain chains on them. It tells them that men would consider them sl*ts if they show their sexuality and desire. If the girl stays around you, most likely she wants, but it is your business to take down her hard to get defense. Show her you are not judgmental and you do not condemn women getting pleasure out of sex. Never talk down other ladies with her or their sexual behavior. If you do, she would feel in danger around you.

5. Try to be romantic – it worth it


Think that is outdated? No way. Even though our society and culture have changed, woman have not. They may not tell you that or admit it, but they still crave for that old-fashioned courting and romance. They want men to be men. They want men to pay for the dates, bring them flowers, open up the doors, carry heavy bags, etc. In most cases, being courteous costs you nothing and it produces just amazing results. So, why not train yourself to be a gentleman around the ladies?

In our days, it would certainly make you stand out of the crowd and place yourself out of the competition! Mostly any girl can be seduced by good manners over the no manner or bad ones.

Now you know how to seduce a girl, or at least how to get started on it. There are many seductive tips for women, too. But it mostly feels like men need them most. Women seem to be born with the skills of attracting and seducing guys, but men need to get some training in understanding what women want and using it for their good.

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