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The Best Flowers to Send a Girl and When You Should Send Them

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A romantic gesture, a sign that you are thinking of her, a way to cheer her up or ‘just because’. There are many reasons that you might send a girl flowers, but what kind of flowers should you send and when should you send them?

Red Roses

A romantic classic and perfect for the love of your life, red roses are a Valentine’s Day favourite. Traditionally gifted as a dozen, they represent romance. They don’t have to be red. It is a little more unconventional but white roses, yellow roses or pink roses may make a nice alternative.

When to send

You don’t have to send them on Valentine’s Day. If you do you can expect to pay way over the odds just because they are in high demand. Try sending them after a date, or just because….. There doesn’t have to be a reason.


Lilies are a classic and a favourite with many women. You only have to take a look at bridal magazines to see how popular they are in a bridal bouquet. There are many types of lily including Stargazer, Asiatic and Arum. Stargazer Lilies are beautiful and smell amazing.

When to send

Be careful where you give them to her. Many lilies have stamens that produce a yellow stain so if you turn up to a date carrying a bunch of them, either you or her, may end up getting covered. The best bet is to have them delivered to her home and you will win brownie points for telling her to cut the stamens off before they drop!

A bespoke bouquet

How nice is it to send something that you have put some thought into. Perhaps you could ask the florist to design a themed bouquet of her favourite colours. Maybe you know what colour her lounge or kitchen is and could send her something that matches. The fact that you have put a bit of thought into it will go a long way.

When to send

If you are sending something thoughtful perhaps you are just wanting to show that she means a lot to you. Maybe she is having a tough time at work and you want to cheer her up. Perhaps you don’t need a reason and just want to do something nice to make her smile.

What about a potted plant?

Ok so flowers are beautiful and they look and smell great but after ten days they have to be thrown away. Now while many girls love receiving flowers, it’s not often they get sent a plant that grows! An orchid makes a stunning gift and it will last a long time if cared for properly. When you buy an orchid it usually comes in a pretty pot as well. A thoughtful gift that is designed to grow and last a long time – a true romantic gesture, if not a little cheesy but who doesn’t love a bit of cheese occasionally?

When to send

It’s probably not a good idea to send a potted plant to a girl you barely know. It’s more a gift to share with someone you have got to know a little better. If you live together it can be a nice gesture to brighten up your home and show her you are thinking of her.

Don’t send flowers to a girl off the back of a row, don’t present them on a first date and don’t use them to try and butter her up when you deliver bad news. Flowers are a romantic, thoughtful and gorgeous gift but you don’t want to arouse suspicious every time you pull out a bunch of roses or something a bit quirky like a specially designed bouquet. Keep them for happy times and meaningful occasions. Surprise her at work or have them delivered when you are away to let her know you are thinking of her.