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Who Am I Dating – Background Check

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Dating can be tricky and sometimes you come across a scenario that you honestly don’t know how to handle. One of those may be whether to conduct an online dating background check into your potential partner or not. Naturally you want to trust your partner, but sometimes things can stand out and seem odd to you. We go through some ways to find out information about the person you’re dating without using invasive methods.

Ask Them Questions

If you want to maintain trust and honesty throughout your budding relationship then you definitely don’t want to start jumping into a dating background check just yet. One of the easiest ways to gain information about your potential partner is by asking them questions. You don’t want to jump in with ‘have you ever been to jail?’ but you can still ask general questions to find out more about their life.

Perhaps you’re wondering how that helps put your mind at ease about their past and if they’re likely to be a dangerous person or not? Well even if you’re dating someone online you’ll still have a certain level of intuition while talking to someone. Therefore, if something seems off about what they’ve said than you’ll be able to pick up on it.

Social Media

We’re not suggesting that you start stalking your potential partner online in the hopes of nabbing a bit of information about their life. To start with anything they want to tell you should come out naturally and in their own time, not from you finding it on social media. However, looking someone up on social media doesn’t instantly turn you into a stalker. It helps you understand more about the person and gives you an idea of how they’re interacting with their friends of other people within their lives.

Furthermore, if you’re concerned about the person you’re interacting with than looking them up on social media may put your mind at ease.

Search Their Name in Google

Alternatively, if it appears that your date doesn’t have any form of social media than being able to put their name into a search engine should help yield some results. Once again we’re not suggesting you go into full spy mode and find out their favourite colour via the internet, however it can help you find out any information they may have been hiding if they have done so. It can also help confirm any details they have given you and show that they are credible too.

Ultimately, when you start dating someone you should be looking to build a trustworthy and honest relationship with that person. These suggestions are here as short term fixes and to protect yourself encase the worst case scenario is a possibility, but you should always be looking to learn about your potential partner from them. You don’t need a dating background check as you’ll have the joys of finding out everything you need to know from the person themselves.