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What you Need to Know About Dating Someone from Another Country

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Dating a foreign girl/guy can be an amazing experience and you can learn so many new and exciting things from your partner. However, the dating culture of other countries can differ massively from America and there are other aspects to think about too. We’ve made a small list to let you know what you may encounter when dating someone from another country and what to expect from your exotic significant other.

Cultural Differences

Undoubtedly you’re going to come across cultural differences when dating someone from another country and while that can give you more knowledge about the world it can cause some issues too if you’re not careful. The way we’re bought up and our understanding of history can affect our personal and political views massively. This can create some amazing conversation between you and your partner, but it may cause controversy too. Their opinion on social issues and political ideals may differ massively from yours and understanding that your partner was raised differently and will have different opinions from you will help massively.

In addition, if you’re going to meet their family than those cultural differences will come into play massively. Something may be acceptable in your household, but not in theirs and that can be down to both personal and cultural differences. However, exercising caution and opening your mind to other possibilities will stop you from putting your foot in it and will help you learn something new about various cultures.

Language Barrier

A lot of various countries speak English, however even with the most fluent speaker you may find that there may be a language barrier in a relationship with a foreigner. You may call the same thing by a different name and oddly enough it happens more often than you would think. Even between English speaking countries, for example in England, they tend to call a restroom the bathroom or toilet and it can confuse people if they’re not ready for it. Therefore, it is more likely to happen with someone if their native language isn’t English.

Staying patient and understanding when it comes to language is vital when dating a foreigner and can give you some funny stories too. Remember how awesome your partner is for knowing more than one language; all the time they’re doing mental arithmetic with language in their head. If that isn’t impressive then I don’t know what is.

You Have to Listen More

For all of the reasons above you’ll have to learn to listen more when dating a foreigner. Regarding cultural differences, you can’t assume someone is coming from the same position as you, therefore if you and your partner are having a hot debate about politics you’ll have to listen more. There will be slight nuances to their position and opinion you may never have thought of before, plus understanding the context for their opinion is vital.

Evidently, if there is a language barrier in a relationship between you two then you’ll have to listen more. Truly listen to what they’re saying and focus on every word as people tend to have a habit of presuming what someone else is going to say. When dating someone who is foreign and has less knowledge of the English language than you need to listen to get the gist of what they’re saying.

There are so many positives to dating someone from another country, but as with everything exercise sensitivity and care when dealing with other cultures you don’t have knowledge of. You’ll find you can learn a lot and can have amazing experiences with someone you care about at the same time. Be understanding and before you know it you and your partner will be experiencing all the joys of the European dating culture.