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Do Russian Women Like American Men and What Do They Look for?

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Russian women could be seen as particular or hard to please but when you scratch beneath the service and look at exactly what they want, it is not that different from many other women across the globe. While some women insist on equality, Russian women still expect a certain amount of traditional values. We take a look at whether Russian women like American men and what it is that they are looking for.

Someone with prospects

A Russian woman is loyal and will stand by her man but he has to pull his weight. In Russian culture the woman is traditionally the stay at home mum that takes care of the home while the man goes out and provides for her. A Russian woman does not to want a man that is lazy and that doesn’t work hard to look after his family. She likes a man with prospects and ambition.

A guy that takes care of himself

This doesn’t matter whether he is American or not. If he isn’t clean, tidy and takes care of himself, then he is not going to be attractive to a Russian woman. A man needs to take pride in his appearance and look after himself. That’s not to say he has to be built like an Adonis but he needs to be hygienic, clean and tidy in appearance.

Someone that walks the walk, not talks the talk

Russian women don’t like American men that like to talk a good game. Of course, they enjoy a good conversation but they don’t want a man who spends all his time talking. They much prefer a doer – someone that gets things done. An arrogant, over confident man is not going to have much to offer a Russian woman unless he can back it up!

A man that takes care of her

She wants to be appreciated by her man. That’s not to say she is needy, in fact quite the opposite, but she does like to be admired. Russian women take good care of themselves in the main and they like to be admired for it. Make sure you pay her compliments and treat her with the respect that she deserves. She will be fiercely loyal and good to you if you treat her right.

Chivalry is still expected

Open the door for her, take her coat, pull out her chair and show her that chivalry still exists. Many cosmopolitan men now believe that women don’t like that kind of thing. American men are used to American women doing these things for themselves but when it comes to Russian women, they still have traditional standards. If you want to remain attractive to a Russian woman, make sure you exercise these standards.

Now it is a fairly broad generalisation to say that Russian women like all American men. It would be a more accurate statement to say that they like a specific type of American man. One with traditional values, high standards, pride in his appearance, ambition and prospects, someone who will take care of both her and their family. With the right qualities they are the perfect match.