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Foreign marriage: Filipino wedding Traditions & Customs

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Found your love at Pilipino or still looking for one? And no wonder, as you are not alone in this. Filipino women willingly marry men from different parts of the world. You can find people from this country in many distant corners of our globe as well as in the leading highly civilized states.

So, if you are planning to enter into marriage in the Philippines, you should get yourself posted on their main customs and traditions.

Filipino wedding customs and traditions

What will a Filipino wedding look like? Is it a white wedding or the one done in traditional national costumes and colors? That is an important question to ask. Who pays the bills for the wedding and how long does it last? These and some of the other issues are to be answered now.

To get a clearer idea of the traditional Filipino style wedding, you need to understand their culture. The land was colonized by Spanish conquerors and stayed under their dominion for a long while. For over a century people used Spanish as their primary language. Later on, the country fell under the jurisdiction of USA. Presently many people speak English there.

However, there are over 170 local languages that are still spoken in the country. The people are flexible in accepting foreign traditions, and most of them are under the strong influence of Western culture and Christianity.

Here is what a great Blasian Tiger Woods had to say about culture:

“America’s a melting pot, all races, cultures, religious choices.”


That saying is also true. So, if you get married there, you can insist on following your traditions or making them a part of the Filipino local wedding ceremony. Still, here are the 5 top things to learn about their way of doing it:

  1. Husband’s family covers the expenses
    This is the part of local culture, and it is common for many cultures around the world. So, she prays, and you pay. Locally grandparents are the ones who take the honorable position of witnesses at the wedding, and they also share part of expenses.
  2. The couple wears white
    It is a white-white marriage. Both male and female wear white outfits during the Filipino marriage ceremony. And that is good because in some other countries they wear those funny costumes and do body paintings and things like that. So, this tradition is easy to put up with.
  3. Gold giving
    If your bride follows the Spanish thread of the Filipino wedding customs, the wedding may cost more to you. One of their traditions is to give her a gift of 13 golden jewelry pieces. This way you honor her and the kids she would bear you.
    You know, famous preacher T.D. Jakes said:

    “I like to see myself as a bridge-builder, that is me building bridges between people, between races, between cultures, between politics, trying to find common ground.”

    That is exactly who you become when you date or marry a person from another culture. You cannot expect them to tune completely up to you and lose their personality. There is some tuning to do on your part as well. And that might be one of such cases. If you do not follow the tradition, they may consider you to be greedy and mean.

  4. Blood shedding
    That is a tricky one. The priest comes over to the bride’s house with the couple and blesses them there. He makes small cuts and mixes their blood in a bowl. This Filipino old wedding tradition may seem a bit outdated. It is highly symbolic, though, as you two become one flesh in marriage. Surely you can refuse to follow it if you want to or if it seems to the heathen to you.
  5. Sponsors
    Instead of bride’s maids or groom’s friends, they have the sponsors. These are picked by the family. They may be the close friends or family members. There can be several couples of them picked for the wedding. They all are assigned some tasks, such as holding candles or the bride’s veil.

As you can see, Filipino wedding traditions come from the merge of several cultures. You can come up with your collection of traditions to follow. The key thing is to be in line with what her family plans. They hold family in high esteem there, and you should try to match their expectations and build bridges with them.

Here is a range of quick tips for the Philippine wedding:


  • The great outdoors
    People from the USA travel there to have their wedding beach party. The beaches are fantastic in this country. So, why miss out such an opportunity. Just plan your wedding outdoors instead of renting a venue. This could help you to cut down the expenses and have the time of your life.
  • Get your marriage license timely
    This is something you do together and pay the cost of it being issued. Go to the local registry office to obtain the paper.
  • Get a no marriage paper
    If you are planning a church wedding, get this certificate ahead of time as some churches require you to prove you are not already married.
  • Baptismal certificate
    This one is also needed for the church ceremony.
  • Cut down church expenses
    If you wife to attend a local church, you can get up to 50% costs off for your ceremony. So, try to get it done there.
  • Honeymoon
    If your bride is Ok with it, you can get your honeymoon right there at the seaside. That cuts off the transportation costs, and you can afford a fancier resort for your special time out.

These tips on getting married in Philippine would provide you with the information to get started on your wedding preparations. Make sure you coordinate all your actions and expenses with your bride and her family. Hold them in high esteem to honor your wife.