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10 Best tips to Getting over break up

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Break up could indeed be heartbreaking. It is a tough and highly emotional experience most people had at least once in their lives. If you wish to survive it and be happy again, learn some useful tips to carry you through.

How to get over a break-up

  1. Get some reassurance

Emotions are the first and natural reaction we get to break up. And, it is a normal reaction. So, most people have hard time thinking through the situation. They just feel it through and ache for reassurance. They want to know and hope they are going to be Ok after the break up.


  1. Get a positive view

And since you are getting over a break up cheer up, believe it or not you are going to make it! Life has not changed into an ongoing and never ending sorrow. There is still happiness in it for you. You did great before you met that person and you will do great again.

  1. Get the facts in places

Many a time a broken hearted person keeps saying:

Oh, I miss him or her so much. They were so wonderful. Deep inside that is kind and great and loving, but… We were meant to be together.

Well, it’s time to deal with some facts. The situation obviously shows you are still dreaming. You are not together. Yes, it may sound harsh and uncomforting, but it is still true. This means you were not meant to be together. You are hurting bitterly and that person has hurt you. So, no matter how kind and good they are in their heart, they made you cry and ache.

It’s time to look honestly at the facts and just accept them. It will not stop the pain, but it will turn on your mind. Start thinking rationally. Stop recalling that one good thing you had together. Focus on all those mean times and situations. Just be real and understand that after all it might be a good thing you two broke up.

  1. Stop rethinking things over and over again


Those mental inner conversations and visions seem to never stop. You remember all those good situations and special times you had together. The good news is you can and must stop that. It is over and you can be grateful for the happy time in the past. But if you keep going through the memories over and over again, you end up stuck in the past.

Instead of reducing the trauma caused by the break up, you increase it and boost your pain. The trick is to get control over those thoughts and visions and replace them with something else. In fact, when you start thinking about the romance of the past, replace that thought with a memory of pain and trouble you had with that person.

It’s a conscious decision and no one can make in your stead.

  1. Get engaged in your recovery

Many people rely on time to heal their broken hearts. If you wish to know how to get over a broken heart learn to take active part in it. Or it might take too long. Set the rules of the game. One of them is the no contact rule. Once you broke up, cut off all the contacts with the ex.

No text messages, no phone conversations, no visits, do not even think of “being just friends”. It is over! If the other person texts you or gets in touch, do not get back to them. Set up a rule for yourself and stick with it.

  1. Make a decision to be happy


Do you think she or he is to blame for your heartbreak and they could bring your happiness back? What made you think so? In reality the only person responsible for your happiness is YOU.

Get your life back into your hands and make a decision to be happy. The ancient saying goes: where there is the will, there is the way. It is so true. Give it a try!

  1. Start loving yourself… again

It’s so easy to let those painful feelings to take over. You feel miserable and you may even start hating yourself. You may blame yourself in the break up. Yes, it is true that both persons are responsible for it (in most cases), but it is no good reason to hate yourself.

  1. Boost self-respect

Restore that self-respect and love. If you do not love yourself, how could anybody else love you? They would see no reason for it. And, you are worthy of respect and honor. Even without the other person you are valuable and worth of love.


  1. Realize all those reasons behind a break up

It might seem horrible and hurting at the time, and you may wish to get your ex back. But after all, nothing happens without a reason. There is at least one good reason (most likely a couple of them) that stand behind your break up.

It’s about time to fish them all out and go through them. You need to do this right before you rush and

  1. Start making new acquaintances

Start dating again! Start having fun. Go out with your friends and remember the things you’ve enjoyed before you met him or her.

As you can see, there is no quick and painless remedy for a break up. The process of healing up and bringing your life back to normal takes time. You need to let the emotions go and cool down a bit. Get them under your control and make a plan for restoring your life.


Get actively involved in your healing and become personally interested in being happy. After all it was not his or her responsibility to keep you happy. It is your job and you are the one who has to see it being done.

So, just pick up the pieces of your broken heart and move on in life. Believe it or not, you are going to make it. Hopefully, you can agree with the author of this break up quote:

I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT…Goodbye.

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