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5 best ways to break up with your girlfriend

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Many guys dream of meeting their perfect girlfriend and possible significant other, but at times starting relationships could be easier, then break them up. What do you do, if things do not work well for you? How do you let her know it is over? Let’s get some practical tips on break ups.

How to break up with your girlfriend?

Most men do not wish to hurt the feelings of their BAE. They do not wish to endure all these tears and negative emotions. So, at times, they pick the easy road to a break-up. They do things that make it easier for them but make things only worse for the lady. So, let us start with possible DON’Ts of breaking up.

  • ★ Do not break up via SMS


It seems like an easy way out of relationships. You just text her and tell her it is over. You may feel like it is a great idea, but it is not. This method is one of the worse to go by because you did not start the relationships this way. You met her in person, you went out with her and possibly even had sex with the lady.

So, now, honor her enough to tell her this news personally, looking her into the eye. Even if you two cannot get along well or you see no future with the lady, she still deserves to be told it in person.

  • ★ Do not ask her to be friends with you


Bad idea. You two are breaking up and it is over. No need to leave the door open just shut it up and let you two move on with your lives. “Being friends” might mean for her you give her a chance of coming back together.

  • ★ Do not make it her fault

Share the blame, do not say: you are no good for me. Spilled the bill of problems and incompatibility. After all, there are always two people to blame for relations that fail be perfect.


How to dump your girlfriend?

Now we can move on to the 5 best way to break up and discover how to do it minimizing the pain and damage.

  1. Define your reasons

There should be a reason for a breakup. It could be you just feel that something is wrong; take your time to fathom things out. Try to define what exactly makes you unhappy with your lady. At some cases, the reasons are pretty obvious, such as cheating. Or you may feel as if she has no respect for you, she does not show you love or you feel unsatisfied having sex with her, etc. In any case, you should find a valid reason for a breakup and tell her what you think or feel straight forward.

  1. Be honest

It might be that your feelings for the lady are gone and you fall in love with another lady. That is a valid reason for a breakup, but you should be truthful. Start by telling her know that it is not her fault. Things change and you discovered that your emotions have changed. A good thing they did not change after you two got married. So, you can just carry on your lives little damage done to each other. Let her know you have met another person and that you wish to be with them. Be honest and respectful to your ex.

  1. Pick the right setting for your conversation

As it was already mentioned, do not inform her of dumping her via phone, email or text message. Make it personal. It is kind of like with the first date, you need to pick the right place and right atmosphere for the conversation. Do not take her out to your chosen eatery or to a special spot that means something for you as a couple. Pick some neutral territory or a new café where you two have never been together.

Make sure no romance is present about the situation or about how you ask her to go and meet you. Try not to evoke any wrongful expectations of having fun or a great romantic night out with you.

  1. Prepare your speech

It’s not something that can be “inspirational”. Think through what you are going to tell her. Write it down. It’s a great break-up advice because dumping something can be as emotional as making a proposal. So, get all your concepts and words together. Pick the kind words that would minimize the agony for the other person. Be kind and respectful in what you say, even if it is her to blame for your break up.

  1. Get right to the business

Do not try to talk about other things else while you master up the courage. Go straight to the business. Yes, it might be a scary step to make, but the sooner you start, the sooner you finish.  Let her know that the whole thing is not easy for you, but you have to do this because you respect her too much to lie to her.


Tell her about your past blessing you had together. Do not make an impression as if it was all bad and it was all her blunder. After all the hardest thing for her might be not living without you, but dealing with low self-regard and hurt pride or feelings. So, try to make it a bit simpler for her to adapt to the situation. And, be calm. Yes, she might get emotional and it is a normal reaction. You should be prepared to handle it. Just stay calm and try not to react in the emotional way back to her. And do not get personal, even if she does it!

As you may see, a break up with your fiancé or a girlfriend can be tough and painful for both of you. However, there are things you can do to handle it in a worthy manner.

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