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How to impress your girlfriend – 15 most effective ways

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Most men love to be appreciated by their ladies. That is the main reason why they wish to impress them. So, they are willing to go an extra mile and do quite crazy things to impress women. But are there things you can do to really make your girlfriend happy and impressed with you? Let us find out now.

How to impress your girlfriend?

The problem is most guys do things and fail to impress ladies for a solo reason. They think about themselves and how they would feel, when a woman admires them. That is one of the top mistakes men make in this area. Instead, they should think about the lady and how what he does would make her feel. If you could only shift your focus from your own self and ego to your girlfriend, things would work real well for you. So, here are 15 simple things to do and way to impress your girlfriend.

1) Talk to her

The truth is women love to talk and to communicate. It is in their very core. They love talking much more than men do. Wish to impress her? Just talk to her! That is something she wants from you and expects from you. So, why not match up to her expectations? That would surely impress her.

2) Listen to her

Promise me you'll listen to me

This is the cheapest and most efficient way to win your lady over and impress her. It’s free and easy. You just need to learn one top secret. When your lady talks, you do not have to keep up the conversation with many words. Just pay attention, sit there, look at her and say once in a while: yeah, that’s right, so cute, aha, etc.

She does all the talking, you just sit there, try to listen and put a word in at whiles. Is that hard? Not really. But it’s a sure way to impress the girl and win her over.

3) Keep your word

Yes, this is a hard one. When you say: I’ll call you back in five minutes, and never get back to her or get back in an hour or two, which is exasperating! Watch what you say, women tend to believe the words and give them much value. And, once you say things, keep them.

4) Clean up your mess

If you two move in together, start training yourself to pick things up and clean up your mess without being reminding all the time about it.

5) Compliment her

There is a saying that “women love with their ears”. It means you can use words to impress a girl! Tell her good things, compliment her, and build up her self-esteem by praising her. Women just love these things.


6) Make her dreams come true

It does not have to be something big. You might be surprised, by most women are quite appreciative of small things. She may dream of going somewhere, seeing a certain movie, going to a certain restaurant, etc. Just listen to her carefully, she will tell her the dreams she has. Then go ahead and fulfill them. Make even small dreams come true.

7) Be full of surprises

Again, it does not have to be something big. Just drop into a store during the sale. Pick up some small items, cute small things: boxes, picture frames, hearts, anything feminine your bea might fancy. Then give her small surprise gifts. Leave them on her door step. Use snail mail to send them, deliver them to her office. That is a cool way to impress her. Moreover, she would have a chance to talk your gift over with her friends, and every time she does it, you earn points.

8) Stop forgetting things

Men tend to forget special occasions, such as the day you first kissed or went out on your first date. Just write it down and set up a reminder. Send her some flowers. That would surely impress her. If you do not remember such dates, talk to her about them and she will give them out to you.

9) Send her notes

You may leave her notes with kind words around the house, text her or use social media to send messages.

10) Set up picnics

Just pick her favorite location, grab a basket of goodies and take her out to a picnic.

11) Show respect


Show her respect in person and in front of your friends. Praise her, say good things about her. Tell her how much you value her. Some guys tend to put down their baes, when they are around other men. That is a mean thing to do. When you show respect publicly, you really impress her.

12) Be considerate

Women expect men to take care of them and consider their needs and desires. So, be a man. That is all you really need to impress her. Muscles cannot do it, crazy stuff you do cannot do it. Care, kindness, responsibility can do it!

13) Meet her family

Show respect to her family. Bring a small gift for her mother. Mix up with her folks. That would sure impress her.

14) Discuss your future

Making plans for the future will impress her. All women think about their future and make plans. If you are really into her, start making plans as a couple.

15) Pay her bills

Sounds boring and old fashioned, but it works. No more “let’s split it”. Paying the bill never fails to impress the girl! It always works. So, just be a man and let her pray while you pay.


How to impress a girl you like? It is not hard, if you focus on her instead of being focused on your ego or achievements. Think of her, find out what she likes and wants and try to give her just that. There is no better strategy to go about the task.