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How to initiate a kiss with your girlfriend – 5 working tricks

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Scientists have many theories on why people kiss, but regardless of the scientific data we kiss and we just love it! Kissing means different things to men and women, but both enjoy it greatly. So, how do you know your girlfriend is ready to be kissed and how do you initiate it?

Tips and tricks on how to initiate a kiss

In kissing the timing is crucial, especially if you initiate the very first kiss with the new girlfriend. There are certain signs you could watch for. They indicate she would welcome your kiss and would not reject you. Here they are:

  • Watch her reactions
    Do not even try to risk a kiss without doing some preliminary “research”. Start small and experiment. Give her few gentle touches. For instance, when you help her to take off the coat or to put it on, or when you talk to her or eat popcorn out of the same bag in the cinema.Avoid touching the “touchy” zones and stay on the safe ground. You may touch her hand or back, but not too low. You may touch her arm or her shoulder. These strokes should not be too sexualized. After all, you are using them to see how she reacts to being a bit closer to you. If she accepts the touches and draws a bit nearer to you – it’s a good sign. If she pulls away, you better wait with moving forward to a kiss.
  • Watch her lips
    When people think about something, they involuntary manifest it in their body language. If she is touching her lips or licks them time to time, it’s a good sign she wants a kiss. That might indicate she is currently thinking about using her lips on you or of you kissing her.
  • Is she in for more?
    No use trying to kiss a girl, if she is generally not interested in you. That will not improve the matters. There are certain points during the date when a girl might have a good chance to stop it. It happens when you walk out of the cinema theater or finish up your dinner. Is she in for more? Would she like to get a cup of coffee with you or have a drink? If she uses these “pauses” to escape or end the date, it would not be a proper time to initiate kissing.
  • Look into her eyes
    Is she willing to maintain eye contact with you? Does she look at your lips time to time? If she is thinking about a kiss, she might do just that! So pay attention and by all means, put your phone away and do not get distracted!
  • Ask her
    That might sound so unromantic, but in some cases, it works just fine. Pick the right moment, keep it calm and gently ask her for permission. She would not take you for a ninny if you handle it the right way. Your voice tone is crucial here. Make your voice sound low and soulful. Do not show you are nervous, but express your affection and respect for her. This way you can avoid the uncanny moment of her pulling away from you when attempting a kissing.Of course, none of these signs on its own is a sure indicator of her wanting a kiss from you. So, use them all together and take a little time before starting more action. These kissing tricks work really well, but the question is…

How to make your girlfriend kiss you?

Well, there are some things you can do to help your girl initiate the kiss. Actually, that should not be too hard, as kissing is more important to women than to men. So, the good news is the chances are high she wants to kiss you. The trouble is overcoming her shyness or breaking the ice. Here are few useful tips on how to do that:

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  • Keep the mouth clean
    Most men feel the desire to kiss a girl when they like her face. However, women evaluate man’s mouth and teeth before the kiss. If the teeth look nice and clean, she might be much more eager to kiss you. So, maintain the proper teeth hygiene to boost your love life and kissing!
  • Avoid smelly foods before or during the date
    Remember that ladies have much more develop the sense of taste and smell than the men do. If she knows you are eating garlic or other peculiar foods, she might be repelled to kiss you. The same is true about smoking. So, plan your dating menu and avoid such foods, even if you love them.
  • Show her you want to be kissed
    If she likes you all together, then the only thing that might be stopping her from kissing you is hesitation. Would you like to be kissed? Are there chances to be rejected by you? That is something in your power to deal away with. All the same, tips that work with her (the lips, the eyes, the moves), work the other way around. Draw closer to her, use your body language to show you wish to be kissed.
  • Flirt with her
    You can actually tell her you wish to be kissed, only in flirting and cute manner. Tell her compliments. Mention some movie scenes, where people were kissing. Mask your request for a kiss in a funny joke or a compliment. Hint first and say how sweet the kisses are. Then if she takes it kindly, hint at your desire to be kissed by her; tell her how you love for the girl to show initiative. That works with most women and puts them at ease.

Of course, there is no one rule for all. We all have our differences and the best way to initiate a great kiss with the new girlfriend is to be tuned to her and listen to your senses and instincts. These tips would get you on the right and safer track.