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How to kiss a girl you like – 5 incredible tips

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Kissing is something that comes naturally to most people. And yet we manage somehow to blow it and mess things up. So, guys what are some of the most commonly made mistakes in the art of kissing?

How to kiss a lady – the Don’t’s

Here are five quick Don’ts of kissing. Just remember them and try to avoid at all cost.

  1. Wrong timing
    Picking the time when to kiss a girl is crucial. If she is not in a mood or she does not expect you to do so, it might be a bad idea. Or, she has just finished her make-up and expects to go to some nice place with you. Smooching her and messing it up is a bad idea, too.
  2. Foul breath
    Nice fresh breath is a must! There is nothing more to say about it.
  3. Going too quick
    Kiss is about enjoyment and closeness. It is not about getting what you want and moving on. If you start too quick and use your tongue when she is not ready, you mess it up.
  4. Getting touchy
    Any kiss and especially a first kiss should be just a kiss. Do not even try to her buttocks or other sensitive parts.
  5. Kissing for too long
    A first kiss should never last too long. Make it short and let her make up her mind if she wants more. If you make it too long, you risk of loosing a chance.


Five amazing tips on how to kiss the girl you like

Now you know what to avoid let us learn some practical tips on how you handle a kiss and what you do.

  1. Approach the kiss

Do not just smooch her unexpectedly. Here is a good quote for you:

“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”

And not only the kiss itself but the anticipation of it. It is exciting and thrilling. So, let her feel it coming. Start by touching her gently and laying your hand on hers. Look her in the eyes. Draw closer and gaze on her lips expressing your intention and desire.

  1. Go slow and feel a kiss


Do not rush it. When a guy starts right off and goes for it, many girls feel repelled. Make a first gentle touch of your lips to hers. Move away to allow her to withdraw, if she wants to. Go back and go slow. Do not rush to using your tongue.

She might not be ready for it yet. You may hug her gently, but as it already mentioned, you should be too touchy. If it is your first kiss ever, just hold one of her hands and put the other one around her shoulders. That is about as far as you can go. First kiss or even romantic kissing is not sex. Make it romantic!

  1. Limit the kissing time

Do not make the first kiss last too long. Even if you are in control of it; you are the initiator, let her have a way out of it. If you kiss the first time, make it brief. Just touch her lips with yours gently and move away. No tongue for the first kiss!

  1. Read her body language

Here is a saying:

“Never ask a woman if you may kiss her. Instead, learn to read body language.”

If you wonder when to kiss the girl you like, do not ask her about it. Yes, in some situation it is appropriate. For instance, you walked her home, and you are about to say goodbye. You may be unsure if she wants a kiss. In this case, you may ask her if you may kiss her.

However, if you are on a date and the romantic moment is approaching, words may just ruin it. So, instead, look for the signs. Those may be such things as her body language. If she turns to you and faces you all the time or if she draws near to you or touches you, it might be a good sign. If she touches or licks her lips, another good sign.

So, instead of thinking of how to ask your lady for a kiss, initiate it, but tune up to her.

  1. Get her kiss you

How do you do it? Well, first of all, signal to her you want to be kissed. Most girls would do it, and they want it, but they do not wish to be embarrassed or make a full of themselves. So, use your body language to let her know you want to be kissed.


It works all the same: draw nearer to her, touch your lips, touch her lips gently. Look at her lips with desire and compliment her lips. Say such things as those lips look delicious; I wish I could taste them!

Those are some of the ways and tricks on how to get a girl to kiss you. They work if you do things right. You need to get her relaxed and comfortable with you.

By all means avoid any conversation about your ex. Never condemn sexy and outgoing women or say that you consider some of them to be mean and too frivolous. She will never initiate the kiss if she thinks you deem it inappropriate.

These five don’t’s, and five do’s of kissing will help you to boost your love life and enjoy this special time with your girlfriend. Make sure you first focus on yourself and take good care of your body.

Then shift your focus to her, be attentive to her and her body language. Make up your mind to bring pleasure to her and she will pay you back and no doubt about that. Kissing is delicious if both people enjoy it and welcome it.