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How to know if a girl wants you – 7 signs to indicate

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So many guys today try to decode women, find the right signs to be sure they can offer their affection or desire to a girl and not be mortified by a refusal. You might be looking for signs she wants you or is into you. You attempt to fathom out her thoughts about you.

The obvious thing is you can never be sure 100% in it. Her thoughts and desires are her business! What is left to you? Well, you can know your thoughts and desires and just ask her… and you may use some signs in order to gather together enough courage to take the first step.

How to know if a girl wants you

Now, few women would wish to make love with someone they do not like. So, if she is really fond of you, she wants you! But how do you know that? Let us try to find that out.

  1. She likes to be near you


Every person has a “bubble” of personal space around them. So, when you talk to her or stay close to her, just watch for her reactions. If a girl desires you, she naturally would welcome your physical closeness and would let you into that bubble.

One of the signs a girl wants you is that she does not shift away or even moves a little closer to you to “keep in touch”. So, when you sit right by her, try to touch her knee with your knee (sort of accidentally) and see what she does.

If she really wants you, she would not pull away the knee or even get a little bit closer to you. On the other hand, If she pulls away and even scoops away on her seat a little, it’s a sure sing she does not welcome any bodily contact with you.

  1. Body position

Yes, that already sound likes sex, but what we talk here about is how her body is positioned, when she talks to you. For one, she would turn or half-turn to you and face you. She would also try to look her best and sexiest for you to be drawn to her.

  1. Watch her posture

If a girl is self-confident, she would use several sexy postures you can watch for. If she is standing up, she would sort of pushing her booms forward and her butt backward. This way she would demonstrate her womanly forms to you. If she is sitting down, she would also try to show off her breast and shape.

  1. Her gestures

If she is into you and feels hot and like having sex, she would pet her neck and low neck area. That might be a clue she wants to be touched there! Of course, you should not do it right then and there but look closely for such movements during the date.


  1. Eye contact

If the lady is into you, she would not look away and maintain the eye contact. She may also draw closer to you when talking and looking at you.

  1. Voice tone

Most girls would try to make their voice sound sexy and low. They would use to flirt with you and get you attracted to them. And, if a woman wants you, she may talk about sex, joke about it or ask you rather personal questions.

  1. Her lips

Most girls love to be kissed when having sex. If she wants you to kiss her, she may lick or touch her lips gently. She may also a bit bite on a lip. That’s a good sing and you may find a proper moment to try and kiss her.


These are some of the signs a woman wants you. They do require being attentive and do some decoding. After all, you are trying to break into her head and figure out what she is up to. It’s a hard work. So, let’s look at some things you can do to either boost your chances for success and get the woman more interested in her or freak her out.

  • > Look and smell your best <

Did you know women are much more perceptive to odors than men? If you put too much fragrance on that might be the reason she pulls away from you every time you try to draw near her! And, of course, there is no need to talk about taking the shower before the date. If you met her on the street or unexpectedly, it would not be a proper time to decide she wants sex with you or not.

  • > Clean teeth <

This one is a BIG issue. You see, girls love to kiss and kissing is 80% more important to them than to men. If a man decides to kiss a girl based on how attractive is her face to him. A girl looks at his teeth and thinks about how fresh his breath is. So, mouth hygiene is crucial and ban out all the smelly foods before the date.

  • > Eye contact <

Obviously, you want the girl and there is no mistake about it. And, most guys would stare at the woman they like and “inspect” some of the hottest spots on her body. When she catches you doing that, do not quickly look away, as if you were caught doing something wrong. If that happens she might be put off. Rather look her in the eye and say a compliment with just a little tiny bit of sex in it. That works so much better.


Now you know some of the good things to do and to avoid. They really work and can help you boost your love life. But never ever hope that one or even a combination of these signs or trick would guarantee you her love or sex. Just be sincerely interested in the other person instead of being focused on your own desires or objectives. If you do just that, stay confident and open up, you get the best results ever in your dating!

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