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How to make a long distance relationship work – 5 Best Tips

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Relationships can be hard, let alone distant ones. How do you make long distance relations work? Well, there are certain tips that would significantly boost your chances for success. Get them now.

How to make a long distance relationship work?

  1. 1) Scheduling


Just as you schedule your regular dates, you need to schedule your distant ones. People may not view conversations over the phone or Skype sessions as real dates. So, they fail to schedule them. It can have two negative effects on your distant relationships. First of all, you may talk to each other too often and mess with each other’s schedule. This could be very annoying.

Yes, you’ve got a moment to chat, but your partner may not be free at the time. There should be no offenses about it. Of course, you do not have to inform the other person about everything you do (unless you want to), but you can sort of coordinate your communications and avoid trouble.

The other downside of not planning your distant dates is not having enough time for them. Our lives get too busy and crowded with so many things. One of the challenges of distant dating is about not actually being there and not meeting the other person. At times it is hard to make room for the ones you meet, let alone the ones far away form you.

Not having enough time is one of the main breakup reasons for distant dating couples. So, if you value your relations, invest in them and plan them.

  1. 2) Surprises

This is one of the great tips for long distance relationships. Over time they may kind of get a bit dull. You seem to be doing the same thing over and over again. You just talk on Skype or you chat somewhere. Get creative. Make surprises. Start with digital ones. For instance, write an email. If you do not normally do that, it can make a difference.
Or, you could send your loved one a message, photos or videos on Facebook or other social media.


Here is an excellent quote to illustrate this tip:

“Long distance relationships do not rely on physical love, long distance relationships are driven by the love that inspires your heart, mind and soul.”

And, of course, go offline! Write her or him real letter. Yes, the old fashioned way. You cannot touch the other person with your hand, but you can send them your touch in that handwriting. It is so romantic. They can actually touch your letters, smell them (put some aroma on the paper), treasure them. And send them your printed pictures to make yourself more real.

Do not forget about sending gifts. Small and large surprises. Send her flowers or little things from your country that would make you feel more related and closer. Send chocolates or other treats. Show them your distant and virtual love in some very practical ways.

  1. 3) Plan your meetings

Set the countdown clock. Most people are intimidated by seeing no real purpose in their long distance dating. You must see each other once in a while. So, plan those events ahead of time. Anticipating them and knowing that the time draws near makes even the long distance look shorter.

It makes online relationships much more real. It sets some kind of goal for them. Such relations really have no meaning if you two have no future. So, plan some kind of future together even if it is just a short meeting in person.

  1. 4) Deepen your communication


Even if you cannot touch the other person, smell them, hug them or have sex with them, you still can use this time for getting to know each other better. Again remember that quote from above. You have your souls that still can touch and get close together.

Here is another good one:

“You’re too far for my hands to hold you, but too near for my heart to love you.”

Many people stay in relationships and live next to each other. And yet they fail to know each other. They live as if with strangers at their side.

You have a unique chance to get to know the other person really intimately. At times getting engaged in sexual experiences can block your soul and your mind. You fail to recognize things in another person. You get too excited to know them deeper.

Plus, at times those being close physically have really nothing to talk about on the phone. They fail to make that soul relation vital for love and matting. You can keep up the other senses and use other opportunities distant dating offers.

  1. 5) Team mindset and face time

This is the make it or break it factor. If you wish to know how to deal with a long distance relationship, use it. Many of your folks or friends would not be supportive. So, you two make a team and you are against the whole world.

If you two see each other as a couple and deal with problems, obstacles and hardships on your way, you can do it. Set a goal and a hope for your future together. Become a team and use FaceTime app, i.e. the time you spend online doing video chatting for your good.

It is glue that holds your couple together. You need not only to hear each other or to text, but to see each other’s faces. Make it a priority and things will work well for you.

Hopefully, these 5 tips would help you make your long distance relationships worth the while. This type of dating is challenging, but it can be highly rewarding, too. Watch some testimonials of the couples that finally moved together and are happy now. Get some hope and inspiration and go for it.