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Ten best ways to make your Girlfriend really happy

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Happiness is a very “personal” thing and in reality, no one is responsible for the happiness of another person. Still there are some things you can and should do for your girlfriend to boost her happiness level. So, if you cannot guess her desires, just learn these ways that work with most women.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Often men think that to make her happy they have to spend a fortune or do some crazy and extraordinary things, get her a start or something. That is not true for many ladies. In most cases they feel happy and pleased over small and seemingly unimportant things for men. Here we go.

  1. Let her know you think of her


Nothing could be easier and cheaper, too. Just text her once in a while. It’s easy. Text her first in the morning. Do not make her wait for it or text you first. It is Ok once in a while, but she would feel better, if you would just text her first and let her know you are there for her, you still love her, you care.

  1. Tell her you like her

Completes never hurt. Again, they cost you nothing, but you can always find something you like about your lady.  Tell her she is cute. Tell her you like her style or clothes, or hair, or perfume. Honestly, a lady would is not happy in a relationship, unless she hears good and kind words of affirmation and love from her man. Very easy, very affordable. Yes, you may think it is dumb and why would she want to hear it again? You just told her how you love her or that she is cute the last week! Just do it.

  1. Cuddle her

Women love cuddling. It makes them happy. And if you get a happy girlfriend, you become quite a happy boyfriend, as at times cuddling can easily transform into something much more pleasant for you, or for both of you.

  1. Flowers, flowers, flowers


Yes, it is so trite, but it works. For some unknown reason, women love flowers. It may seem very unreasonable to men. It’s a sheer waste of money, as they get withered and thrown away in just a few days! But these flowers never die in her heart. Just remember that and don’t be a Scrooge. Give your lady flowers once in a while with no reason at all!

  1. Bring over some treats

Most women love sweets. Most likely your GF is a sweet tooth. Yes, she may talk about that diet and calories, but she still adores chocolate! It makes her happy, and there are many scientific proofs of that fact. Chocolate boosts her happiness hormone levels. Again a happy woman makes a man happy. And a miserable one is just mean.

  1. Be courteous

Women still value this quality in men. Such things as opening the door, getting a chair for her, giving her your arm, getting her coast, these are the things to make your girlfriend happy. Being a gentleman works really well and pays back well, too. And again, it costs you nothing financially, just be mindful of her needs and be courteous!

  1. Make her feel exclusive


Most women have pretty low self-esteem. Secretly they compare themselves to other women and at times that comparison makes them feel miserable. However, it is in your power to make her feel very special and exclusive. So, what to say to a girl to make her happy? Tell her how special she is to you. Let her know she cooks or cleans or does something else better than your mom. Yes, it could be hard, but it works. Make her feel the queen and she will make you feel like a king in return.

  1. Gift her

There are times for fancy expensive gifts. You may give them for some special occasions or just because you want to. But if you have no opportunity to do that often enough, it’s Ok. Give her small ones. They work well, too. If she has a hobby (cooking, crafting, etc.) buy her little presents related to it.

Just find small cute things for her. You may visit a flea market, and that is the perfect place to shop. Things are quite affordable and authentic there. Or you may want to go to her favorite shop. It may not sound very manly, but it is a price you pay if fancy gifts are out of your reach.

  1. Cook her meal


Today most people prefer to eat out, but cooking something for your loved one is so special. If you are not good at cooking, you can always go to the Internet and find there a simple and doable recipe. Or you may go to a cooking class together and have some fun. At least learn to make her coffee or brew her favorite kind of tea. Make her cozy, seat her on a sofa or in her favorite chair, bring her some pillows and make her tea with her favorite treats. Again, it costs you nothing, but you can make her feeling so special and happy.

After all, she would certainly go and tell all her friends, and maybe her mom what you have done for her and the trouble you take would pay off. You get the reputation of a perfect guy, and that is nice.

  1. Make her included in your life

Men are very protective of their personal space and freedom. They want to have their time with friends, they rights, their everything. And that is perfectly fine, but at times you take it too far and she does not feel included into your life. So, if you are serious about the relationships, introduce her to your friends and do things to make her feel welcome in your life.

These are some of the secrets of happy couples. If you can make your woman happy, she would respond to that and make you happy in return.

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