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How to start a first conversation with a girl on a date

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It’s a good question. Some of the topics are complete taboos for a first date, while others can boost its success. So, how do you start that first conversation and what should you or should you not talk about?

How to start a conversation with a girl on first date?

There are some dos and don’ts for the topics you bring up on the first date. Let us take a look at some of them. But first, how do you start a conversation with your date? Here are few good starters:

  1. How was your day?

This is a very plain, but sure starter. So, if you are a shy person or you do not dare to go for more interesting starters, just use this one. Be polite and nice, after all women just love it.

  1. The most outstanding thing you ever done?

It’s a good question and an interesting one. Only do not forget to prepare your own answer, as she would surely ask you, too.

  1. What are you most proud of in life?


Just make sure you do not sound like a job interviewer asking it. It should be something fun and be prepared to share your experience first to help the girl relax and give her answer.

What do girls like to talk about?

Here is a quote of one guy on the first date talks:

“I can’t believe there won’t be a second date. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her my top ten economists and explain monetary theory.”

Funny, but true. Not all the topics fit the occasion. So, what do ladies like to talk about or hear on the first date? The major rule here is to stay positive and avoid negative.

  • Fun

Plan some fun topics to talk about. No trouble, no bad news, no issues or problems. Just stay fun and positive. That would make your first date great and boost your chances for the second one, if you like the lady.

  • Happy

If you talk happy, you make her feel happy. She would surely appreciate it.

  • Sexy

Not too much sex, though, but just a tiny bit would not hurt. Sex talks help to flirt and boost her interest in you.

  • Passions

You can discuss her and your passions in life. What really interests you? What is she nuts about? Anything would do from cats to movies, candies, sports, etc. Of course, once you start talking about something you really love, make sure to limit yourself. Do not turn your first date into a monologue. You won’t get the second one this way. So, talk in turns and ask her questions about her passions instead of solely sharing yours.


  • Hobbies

Some people have cute or funny hobbies. It’s a pretty safe and nice conversation topic. A good thing is if your hobbies fall in line. That would surely be a success.

  • Culture

I.e., music, movies, art, etc. Anything you two would share an interest in. However, if you are into arts and she is into rap (or the other way around), make sure not to talk too much about your thing. It might get her bored.

  • Family background

Ask her about her family, childhood, brothers and sisters, funny incidents from her life, etc. It works well.

  • Careers

Share your experiences and aspirations. Such conversations help people to become closer and get to know each other better.

  • The date itself

Talk about the food you are eating at the moment, about the place you are in or people you see around you.

  • Traveling

Share the experience you had with other cultures or find out if she had something similar.

  • Interesting things you’ve done during the year

Share the most outstanding and memorable things you’ve done in your life and ask her about it, too.

First date conversation tabus


  • – Ex-girlfriend

Keep the ex-conversations down. It did not work for you the last time, why bring it up on your first date? It’s mauvais ton. Just leave that for later, if you keep on dating, surely there would be time to discuss your EXs.

  • – Divorce

It’s a very negative experience, and you wish to keep negativity out of your first date. That’s the goal. So, if you have to briefly mention your past marriage and that’s it.

  • – Breakups

No breakups, because you are aiming at building something up, and not destroying it right away.

  • – Politics

Unless you are a politician, you should not bring such a topic up. It could be boring for her or it could turn you two into antagonists. You surely do not need that taking place at the first date.

  • – Religion

The only exception is when religion defines who you are. If you are in search of someone with similar beliefs and that is one of the key demands, than discuss it. Otherwise, leave it for later.

  • – Problems

It’s not a good time to discuss your issues, stress, work problems or family relations. We all have issues. She has them too, but she is out with you and she wants to have some good time. If you talk your problems in and out, you risk deserving a bad reputation. Again, she is not there to help you solve them. She is there to have fun. So, make her happy and wanting more.

First date is tricky. The way you talk and what you talk about can determine your future with that person. You may either attract or push the girl away. So, better figure out how to talk to your girlfriend before you go on a date with her. Set some rules for yourself and follow them. Such approach works well and would help you to meet and keep someone special in life. Just be genuine and show sincere interest in her. This tactic never fails.