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Treat your girlfriend right – 10 Tips for men

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Could there possibly be a problem there? Well, many guys learn how to pick up girls, how to get a girlfriend. Can they mess up once they get one? Surely they can. Many girls complain about their boyfriends not knowing how to treat them right. So, here are the 10 best tips for a guy to stay in happy relations with a girl.

How to treat your girlfriend?

  1. Be loyal

Would you like your girl to cheat on you? Certainly not. So, why dating her and looking for someone else? Be honest and be loyal. You started dating her, you like her, you got all you need. Respect and value what you have.

Here is an excellent one of the treat your girl right quotes on this subject:

“If your girlfriend gets jealous, it’s because she is faithful. If another girl has your attention and her does not get jealous, it’s because someone has hers.”

How do you like that?

  1. Stop trying to impress your friends


Some guys become rude to their girlfriends in front of their friends. They think somehow they can look cool and smart if they tease or even mock their ladies. That is not cool, at all! Just stop doing it. Here is a good quote for you:

“Never laugh at your girlfriend’s choices. You are one of them!”

After all, you risk ending up with no friends and with no lady at your side. Find another real way to be the real man. Make sure you are treating your girlfriend the same when you are alone and when you are with your friends. If she sticks with you, she would certainly hate your friends. Then no need to wonder why she does not want you to spend much time with them.

  1. Respect your girlfriend

Do not call her names and that “b” word. No way. Would you like her to treat you the same way? Well then just be nice to her. After all, she can dump you anytime and find someone else. So, just be respectful. Yes, she is a woman, but do you wish to date a man to respect one? No, you want a woman, so respect a woman.

  1. Make her happy


Well, there are tons of things you can do to make your lady happy. You do not need a million dollars to do that. Just be smart and give her gifts (even small ones work) and flowers. Spend time with her, treats her nicely. That would be enough for most girls if they are in love with you.

  1. Be romantic

Take her out to a good movie. Yes, you may like a horror movie or a thriller, but does she like it too? Find out what she likes and do it, even if you hate it. And, pretend as if you just loved it, too. Hug her gently. Do not limit your interactions to sex. Be nice and gentle without hinting at sex.

Again, gifts and flowers work well and chocolates, too. Most girls love surprises. How about writing her a real paper letter and using snail mail? Dig out some of the old fashioned ways. After all, they worked well for hundreds of years before the Internet era. They are still reliable.

  1. Tell her you love her

So obvious, right? Well, many guys think telling just once is enough. It’s not how it works with girls. If you wish to treat your girl right, tell her that you love her over and over and over again. How much is too much? Don’t worry about it, just keep on telling!

  1. Make her smile

Some guys make their girlfriends cry instead. So, better learn some proper ways of how a man should treat a woman. Sing for her. That’s a good one, even if you cannot sing well. At least that would make her laugh. Do things just for her. Let her see how hard you are trying. If the girl is into you, she would surely appreciate it, make her feel special.

  1. Be there when she needs you


Some men seem to be there when they need something and they treat their ladies as friends with benefits. That is mean. Do not be afraid to seem weak inform of your friends and be there for your lady. Isn’t that is what love is all about?

Girls dream of men like that. Even if you are busy at the moment, tell her you would call her back and actually do it in a timely fashion! Do not think her trouble is just nothing. It worries her, so it should be important to you, too. Make it a priority to help her.

  1. Listen to her

Lots of men do not understand why she needs so much talking. She comes with a problem and you provide a working solution. What else does she need? She just wants to talk it over with you, baby. This is one of the top secret tricks of successful men. They know and can tell you how to treat your GF. Just listen to her and say nice words on and off. It costs you nothing, you do nothing, but she will love you even more!


  1. Compliment her

Especially in front of her friends (other ladies). Never ever compare her to others (negatively) or compliment them in front of her. That is a sure way to lose a girlfriend. So, always say nice things to her and make some up if you do not see anything to compliment her about! That always works.

As you can see, there are many things you can and should do to treat your girl right. Girls are sweet that is what you love them for. Want to be mainly with ladies? It means enjoying their sweetness; increasing it by saying nice things; by being nice and being strong for them, not against them.

Watch the funny video “The 9 Ways To Treat A Woman”, shared by “BriTANicK” Youtube channel:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVPpYxogEfY]

Chears! 🙂