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How to woo a girl and win her love

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Even though many people believe in love at first sight, winning a heart of a girl and making her fall in love with you is a hard task. Love rarely happens at first sight, and usually, it is preceded by attraction and liking you. So, we will start it there and take it up to the next level of affection.

How to woo a lady

It all starts here, even in nature among the birds and other animals. Males are wooing the females and use various means to attract them. Pretty much the same thing happens with humans. To attract a girl a man needs to do several things. Here are the steps to woo a girl:

  • Impress her

How to woo a girl and win her love (New Girl)

John Home once said:

“I will woo her as the lion woos his brides.”

That is a nice comparison. You can make the first impression only once! So, do your best to get the most out of it.

How do you do that? You take extra care of your appearance, and that’s for one. Smell good, look your best, take extra care of your hands and teeth, clean your nails and make sure you do not have just one brow. Women hate that, so kind of brush them apart or remove the extras.

  • Show confidence

After all, it is the sexiest and most attractive feature a man might have. No one gets attracted to losers. It has nothing to do with your money or social standing. It has everything to do with how you view yourself.

It’s not about haughtiness, either. You should know yourself, like yourself and be confident in your powers, but avoid being arrogant and too airy.

  • Sexuality


Girls are not the only ones who need to be hot to attract the men. Women love hot guys, and it is one of the “hooks” you use for wooing a girl.

How do you do it?  No, you do not come up, grab her and make love to her. You should be respectful and polite, but at the same time you look appealing, and you act like a man who knows what he wants.

  • Growth

Growth can be very appealing, too. If you develop and grow all the time, you have lots of experience and no problem starting a conversation or keeping it up.

Remember, women “love with their ears.” It is true. They get attracted to smart guys who know what to say and when to say it. They get fascinated by new ideas and smart things you introduce to them. So, make sure you show your intelligence and you grow. It makes you ever so much more attractive.

  • Humor

It’s a tricky one. Many a time you can hear women say: men have dumb jokes. So, make sure you do not fall into that category. Repeating one old joke over and over again is not a good idea, even if you do that with different girls. They get it, and they understand how dumb you can be trying to get out a little humor.


So, develop this skill. If you can make your girl laugh heartily and introduce new and funny jokes all the time, she would certainly get more attracted to you. Work on your skill and improve it. Always look for the new joke to add up to the ones you already know.

Develop your sense of humor, so it would be playful and powerful without making people feeling dumb or embarrassed.

  • Text her

If you can learn how to woo a woman by text you can increase the opportunities to win her heart. This way you do not have to be there all the time, but you still can effectively keep up her interest and thoughts on you. Send her cute SMS just to make her feel good.

Add a little humor and tell her compliments. Intrigue her via your texts or even “sext” her. Little sexy chat can go a long way.

How to woo a girl and win her heart

Building up affection is just beginning. But you can take it from there. See, what you can do to win her heart and make her fall in love with you.

  • Focus on her

You see, most of the previous tips were focused on you, and they work to make you more attractive to her. But if your goal is to make her fall in love with you, you should focus on her instead. How can you do it? Do something meaningful to her. It may not be much fun or of great value to you, but it matters to her.

For instance, you may go and do some grocery shopping with her and carry her heavy bags or fix something in her house. Do something practical and valuable to her and help her make the life easier.

Show her you can be a problem solver.

  • Spend time with her

Most women value the time men invest into them. And plan your time together, too. It should not be just doing sweet nothings all the time. Plan to have some fun or do something useful together. Visit together a cooking or crafting class.

  • Give gifts


It’s a good old way to win a woman, and it still works in the 21st century. You do not have to spend too much on such things. Just get small and cute gifts, invest a couple of bucks in them. Think of a cute and romantic way to present them. Leave them on her doorstep or use snail mail to send them. Add a sweet rose or a love poem to your gift. You get the idea.

Most men do need to learn how to court a girl as it does not come to them naturally. It is an art, and it can be mastered. Once you master it, you boost your love life immensely and get the chances of a very special lady falling madly in love with you.