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The Secrets to Long Distance Dating Success

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Long distance relationships can be challenging, there’s no escaping that fact. Living far away from your other half makes things complicated, and you could get very lonely at times. However, if both of you put the effort in, there’s no reason why you can’t make things work. In fact, the extra distance between you can make the simplest things so much sweeter. Routine events that other couples take for granted, such as holding their partner’s hand, eating together at the same table and taking a walk together can suddenly mean so much more when you’re living apart. Here’s our top tips for long distance dating…

Don’t communicate too much

Many people think that to keep their long distance relationship going, they need to communicate constantly. But this isn’t the case. In fact, this will probably only make things worse, leading you to come across as possessive. You don’t need to over-compensate for the distance by continually calling, texting and emailing. Rather than spamming each other with pointless messages throughout the day, focus on communicating at the right moments. Less is definitely more when it comes to long distance dating.

See long distance dating as a test of your love

Instead of constantly thinking that your long distance relationship is destroying the special bond that you and your partner share, view it as a test of your love. If it’s meant to last, your relationship will withstand the experience and come out even stronger. If it quickly crumbles, it was probably never going to work out to begin with.

Be clear about your expectations

To avoid confusion and arguments, it’s important to be clear about what you expect from the relationship. For example, are you two exclusive? Or will you be dating other people whilst you’re apart? If you want to go on dates, but your partner thinks you’re fully committed to each other, this could be disastrous for your relationship. Be clear about your expectations from the start, and set some ground rules if you need to.

Use technology to make online dating long distance easier

In this increasingly digital world, it’s important to make the best possible use of technology when it comes to long distance dating. Of course, there’s Skype, which allows you to see each other as you chat, but other technology for long distance couples is growing in leaps and bounds. Take a look at Avocado, which is basically a private social media network just for couples. Or Ringly, a wearable technology that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It lets you receive customised mobile alerts through lights and vibration. Online dating long distance is easier than ever thanks to technological advancements.

Avoid “dangerous” situations

If you know that going clubbing with your friends will upset your partner, don’t make the mistake of not telling them. You should tell them beforehand so that he or she feels reassured, or not go at all. Making your partner worried, suspicious or upset won’t do your long distance relationship any favours, so think carefully before you do something you know you shouldn’t.

Hopefully these tips for long distance dating will help you to make your relationship a success. Communicate creatively using all the technology available to you (but not too much!), and be honest and open, and there’s no reason why your union won’t flourish. If it’s meant to be, distance won’t destroy the bond you share.