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4 Signs He is in Love with You

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Falling in love can be scary and not knowing whether your partner feels the same way about you can be incredibly frightening. Guys can be mysterious creatures and sometimes you can never be sure what he really means. We have created a list of sure sign he is in love with you, so that you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the relationship you have formed.

Wants to Spend All His Time with You

Perhaps instead of hanging out with his friends again he wanted to come see you instead, or perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re meeting up more and more often. When a guy wants to spend more time with you it’s because he genuinely enjoys your company and conversation. If you meant nothing to him than he would only spend the bare minimum amount of time with you, but he wants to spend extended periods of time with you.

So, if you’re noticing an increase in the period of time you’re spending with each other it can be a sure fire sign he is in love with you.

Notices Things about You

Maybe he’s remarked on the way you say certain things or something odd and endearing you do while cleaning; whatever it is he seems to notice. This is another one of the signs a man loves you as he is spending time with you and takes care to notice minute details about you. It shows that he pays careful attention to what you’re doing and who you are.

If a guy isn’t interested he wouldn’t bother noticing these small details about you, it just wouldn’t even cross his mind as he would be disinterested in you and whatever you’re doing. However, when he notices these things it shows he cares deeply about you.

Misses You

Are you getting tons of messages from him telling you how much he wishes he was with you? Or maybe he just keeps mentioning when you’re going to next do something. The desire to want to see you and make concerted efforts to arrange to see you suggests that he is deeply in love with you. If he didn’t care about you than he would want to spend all his time to himself and wouldn’t care about what you’re doing.

He Keeps You in the Loop

Undoubtedly you’re going to have social lives outside of seeing each other, especially if you’re at an early stage of dating. You don’t have to be inside each other’s pockets, but if he lets you know what is going on than it is a definite sign he is in love with you. He knows he doesn’t have to tell you what he’s doing, but he cares about you enough to make sure you’re comfortable. He wants to ensure that you feel calm and confident about what he’s doing and he’s trying to make the effort to keep you in the loop.
Undeniably, there are tons of signs a guy is in love with you, but these four are sure telltale signs that he is falling in love with you. If you’re spending a lot of time together and he seems to be caring and considerate of your feelings than he could have caught the love bug. As always exercise caution and remember that even if you say it first that doesn’t matter as everyone takes a different amount of time to fall in love.