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Starting a long distance online relationships – Pros & Cons

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Online dating offers many amazing opportunities. One of them is long distance relationships. But do they really work? Let us discuss some of the major pros and cons of them.

Major pros of long distance online dating

For some folks, the major cons of starting a long distance relationship online are pretty obvious. However, the pros might be less apparent.  Still they are there and they can be pretty vital. Here is a quick list of the major ones.

  • You learn to communicate better and stay open with someone
    Distant communication differs much from regular one you get dating a person. When you date and you are next to each other, you may get too distracted and focused on the physical. However, talking online brings that effect down and you can really share your thoughts, emotions, and personalities with each other.
    You can open up and just be who you are not trying to impress and not thinking of all the little things you consider when talking to each other offline. What if you did not have time to take your shower? Who cares, when you communicate online! And distant dating does allow people to feel less at risk and more open and hearty with each other. In this case fellowship and talks go first and sex only follows (if you get lucky).
  • You start appreciating loving someone when you can see them every day
    Daily meetings are great, but you really learn to treasure someone, when you meet only once in a while (a long while at times). So, you treasure every moment you get to spend with your significant one.
  • You can save money on fancy dates
    Going out with your girl can be expensive. Distant dating is a great money saver. After all, you can spend them to get her a really fancy and special gift. Or it just makes dating more affordable!
  • You go on free distant dates and can focus on each other fully
    Again, no expenses and no distractions for the small things. You get completely focused on your lady or your man. You chat. You look each other in the eyes. You mainly enjoy the most valuable, yet free things relationships can offer.
  • It allows you to grow closer when you are far away
    No distance can block true love and desire to be close. Modern technologies allow you to spend as much time as you wish with the one you love. You can talk, you can joke; you can share and grow closer, so when you meet you already have deep and loving relations.

These are some of the greatest pros of distant online dating. And, this type of relationships really works. There are many couples, who met this way and live happily ever after!

Major cons of long distance internet dating


Surely, it has some to deal with. Let’s look them up.

  • No support from friends and relatives
    The older generation (unused to this type of relations) may not understand or support you. Neither may your friends. They may think it to be nonsense and may not support you in your “distant” love.
  • Communication issues
    Online communications take skills. You have to be able to spend time talking to each other on the phone and some people feel unable to maintain such long chats. Or you would have hours of skype sessions and not everyone likes that.
  • You run out of things to say on the phone
    Being close to each other physically allows you to spend time together saying nothing. While it could be much harder or even impossible to do on the phone.
  • You keep wondering is it worth it
    Most people are not sure such relations are worth the trouble. They may not see the future or possibilities and satisfaction in them.
  • Waiting to Skype or to meet and hug is hard
    Surely sex is important and seeing someone hot and desirable, but not being able to hug and kiss them could be hard. And that is one of the main cons of the distant online dating.

Best tips for distant online dating


  1. Skype
    Use all it has to offer: voice, text, and VIDEO! It is free and it is so much better to see the one you like or love and be able to talk to them instead of just texting.
  2. Mail things
    Use the regular mail. Do not limit your distant dating by the online world only. Send over flowers, gifts, chocolates, send snail mail letters. Yes, the old good way. It is so romantic and it makes your relations special.
  3. Avoid going out with other guys (girls) to prevent the jealousy
    Yes, you end up with the friends of your gender only!
  4. Visit each other regularly (50/50)
    Visit each other in turns to show what your life is like and to gain a deeper understanding of your relations. Use the meetings the best you can to bond.
  5. Plan for the future, plan the end when you move on and get together
    That is the key point. Nothing works without it. Plan your future, dream about it and make it come true!
  6. Trust
    Long distance relations won’t work unless you really share and trust each other. Trust is essential for all relationships between people. Unless you trust the other person and get to know them better, long distance dating does not work.
  7. Plan and do not delay your first meeting
    In online dating long distance first meeting is crucial. So, do not put it off till later. This way you hugely increase the chances of success. If you do not meet in person, you might be just wasting your time.

Hopefully understanding the cons and pros of such dating and learning some practical tips would help you make it work and find the love of your life.

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