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To kiss, or not to kiss? – That is the 1st date question

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Kissing is sweet! Most of us love doing it, but how on the first date? Is it a good time to have your first kiss with your new girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, for some people that would sound like at old question, as they may be too progressive for it. What they discuss is having sex on the first date and its pros & cons. Still if you are not ready to go that far, let us stick with kissing and settle the matters.

So, should you or you not kiss on the first date?

The reason why you may hesitate to kiss the lady or the man on the first date is this: you do not know them well enough, and you are afraid to be rejected. Fear of rejection is one of the top things that kill your passion and enthusiasm. Plus, a bad kiss may put an end to it. No second date, no more fun or hope of starting a satisfying relationship.

So, you are right to hesitate. These first kiss clues would help you to decide when it is the time to go for it and how to do it.


  1. Be tuned to her

Kissing is not just about sex or getting aroused. The first kiss on the first date is a very sensual experience. It is more about the romance and intimacy of two souls and the possibility of the intimacy between the two bodies. Here is a good quote on it:

“The best part about a first kiss is right before the first kiss.”

You see, it is not the kiss itself that brings all the pleasure. It is the anticipation of it and excitement of being liked and enjoyed by another person. So, watch the lady (or the guy) carefully. Be attentive to their body language. Most girls would agree that they expect men to take the first step and kiss them.

And they would express this desire or readiness for the first kiss turning to you and drawing closer to you, leaning to you. They would touch you gently or allow to be touched by you (their hand, arm or shoulder, nothing too hot). If a girl sits or stands next to you and sort of pulls or scoops away, she certainly is not in for a kiss.

  1. Be nice to her

Women expect guys to be gentlemen. This means you should see her home. Make provisions to get her home safely, get a cab or drive her over. If you rent her a cab, do not try to kiss her through the window. It is the worst idea you can get.

Do it while you two are still standing next to each other. If she moves away from you, do not go for a kiss or lay a gentle brief one on her cheek.

  1. Show your feelings


Maggie Grace once said:

“A first kiss is hard to fake on screen. It’s tempting to practice before you shoot, but why blow that natural awkwardness on a rehearsal? There’s something so beautiful about it that can’t be fake.”

Men feel like they have to be strict and reserved emotionally. The first kiss, on the other hand, should be highly emotional.

By all means, you should not act out a Superman on this occasion. Show your vulnerability and your interest in the lady. If you give her a soft kiss on her cheek, you open up and indicate your interest in her.

It makes you vulnerable, as she can still reject you or refuse to have a second date with you. But that is so sweet. No word can match that amazing kiss on the cheek!

  1. Read the signs

Yes, many men think women are impossible to fathom or read. They are some mysterious and flirtatious creatures. However, here are the three top things to follow. A combination of all three can give you a clear answer to the question if she wants to be kissed or not.

First of them is this: has she been sincerely laughing at your jokes? What does that have to do with kissing? Well, if a girl likes you, she would laugh at all your jokes. You can even test her to see. Make a dumb joke and see if she laughs at it and thinks it to be smart.

If she does, she certainly likes you, and this means she may want to be kissed by you.
Next one is this: is the girl touching you? If the lady wants to be touched, she would surely pat you and touch you and draw closer to you.

The last is this: is she talking too much right before you show signs of kissing her? Many girls use this trick to avoid the kiss. They start talking to you and kind of move away. If she wants to be kissed, she will create the atmosphere for it.


  1. How to kiss for the first time

This is another make it or break it factor. You should consider it when you decide to do it or not. Here are few useful tips on how to go about your first kiss.

  • The rule number one is – no hands. You may gently hug her on the waist line or put a hand on her shoulder, but that is about it. No wondering hands, please!
  • Rule number two: no tongue. The first date is not a place for a smooch. You may go for cheek kiss or even the lip kiss, but it should be short and romantic, rather than sexual.
  • Rule number three: keep it short. Just a second or two is enough, and that gives her opportunity to move away and think or feel things over later on at home.

As you see, her very first kisses with you may either give green or red light to your further relationships. So, be a real gentleman and handle it in the right fashion to save more for later.