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Top Reasons Why Your Man Loves Your Breasts

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There’s something that women have that men go absolutely gaga for and that would be breasts. Women have differing opinions about their chest (some love them, some hate them, some want them, some want to get rid of them). However, if you ask a guy what he thinks about them, he’ll probably tell you they are absolutely the best thing since sliced bread.

But, why? Why do men love those soft and squishy fun bags?


According to Dr. Larry Young and Brian Alexander, authors of the book The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction, man’s fascination with your breasts is strange – at least from a biological stance.

Humans are fascinated by the breast in a purely sexual context and are the only mammals to experience this. Female humans are the only species of mammals whose breasts grow at puberty, regardless if she is pregnant. Not only that, but we are also the only species that stimulate and fondle breasts during foreplay or sex.

Not only do men enjoy playing with your ta-tas, but women also enjoy the attention, when given at the appropriate times. In a poll conducted by Roy Levin and Cindy Meston from the

University of Sheffield and University of Texas (respectively), 301 people (153 were women) if they enjoyed breast or nipple stimulation. About 82% of the women reported enhanced sexual stimulation and nearly 60% of them reported to asking for nipple play specifically.


Breasts are an accessory that can make any outfit look incredible. Your chest can balance your hips and give you that hourglass figure that screams femininity. For the heterosexual male, the more feminine you appear (you have a noticeable bust line, curvy hips, feminine face and so forth), his subconscious tells him that you can be a potential mate.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Just because you have noticeable breasts doesn’t mean you’re ready to begin popping out the little ones. A man’s desire to procreate (or at least try to have sex with you) is hardwired into his brain. It’s instinctual.

They Feel Good

You know how we mentioned that the majority of women who were polled experienced sexual gratification when their partner plays with their chest? Not only does fondling the mammaries feel good for the women, it also feels good for the man!

Just think about it. Who doesn’t love something warm and squishy in their hands? When your partner is lovingly caressing your chest, he sees how turned on you’re getting, which reinforces that he’s doing something right. So he’s going to keep doing it. If you both enjoy it, it can’t be wrong!

Setting Boundaries

Just because a man’s brain is hardwired to find breasts appealing, that doesn’t give him the right to comment openly about them, or touch them without your permission. Yes, the outline of your breasts or even your cleavage may be visible, but they are still an intimate part of your body and all men need to respect that.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to “deal” with unwanted attention from anyone, regardless of their position or if they are your partner. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and stick to them!

Final Thoughts

Ladies, your man’s fascination with your chest is a natural instinct that they can’t deny. Your lovely lady lumps trigger something in his brain that lets him know you are fertile and of childbearing age, thus making him want to procreate.

Just remember that while it may be natural for men to want to ogle your breasts, that doesn’t give them any rights to make you uncomfortable! Stand your ground and put a man in his place if he steps out of line. They are yours after all!