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What to Do When a Guy Doesn’t Text Back

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Are you currently losing your sanity wondering why the guy you like just isn’t texting you back? Then you’re not alone. Many girls freak out when this happens, confused about why they’re suddenly getting the silent treatment. You’re probably wondering ‘what did I do?’, and ‘should I text him again?’. However, before you rush in and start bombarding him with text messages, read on to find out what to do now.

He didn’t respond to my text – what next?

When you get no text response from guy, you need to hold off sending any more messages. Although it can be tempting, it won’t achieve anything. If you let your emotions rule your head, you risk falling into a hole of desperation, which can be very deep and difficult to get out of. Here’s what to do when a guy doesn’t text back.

Don’t assume the worst

You’re probably thinking of all the possible reasons why he’s not messaging you. Maybe he’s at work or busy with his family, or perhaps he’s just not interested. There are countless possible reasons why he’s not replying to you. The fact is, you don’t know why he’s gone silent, and so jumping to conclusions won’t help the situation.

Switch off your phone

Step away from the phone. In fact, turn it off altogether. This will stop you from doing something you might regret. After all, if you keep staring at it, you’re likely to make some bad decisions. Avoid social media stalking at all costs too. Spying on him on Facebook won’t help, and will just make you feel even worse, especially if he’s clearly not busy and it’s obvious he has seen your text message.

Don’t text him

Whatever you do, don’t text him again. Chances are he has seen your message and chosen not to respond, for whatever reason. So, messaging him again won’t achieve anything. In fact, it’s likely to make the situation worse and he may start to see you as clingy and possessive. Play it cool and be patient.

Distract yourself

If you’re constantly thinking ‘why is he ignoring my texts?’, rather than getting on with your day, you need to take steps to distract yourself. If you don’t, you’ll go slowly insane. Whilst you wait for him to get back to you, make sure you keep yourself busy. Work, study and go out with friends. Whatever keeps your mind off him – do it!

It’s totally possible that he has a legitimate excuse for keeping you hanging, however, it’s possible that he just doesn’t like you the way you want him to. And if this is the case, you need to accept that, no matter how hard it might be. If he replies hours or even days later and says, “Sorry, I forgot to reply”, you need to consider whether he’s someone you honestly want to be with. It may well be time to move on and find someone who’s as into you as you are into them.