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Do Guys Like it When Women Make the First Move?

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The world of dating is changing and a lot of people are now asking should women make the first move? There are reasons why making the first move might not be the right play, however, the large majority of guys absolutely love it when a woman makes the first move. Whether it’s making the first move kiss or just striking up a conversation you’ll be able to take control of your dating life when you make the first move. We discuss the reasons why guys love it when you make the first move.

They’re Shy

If a guy is shy than being able to make the first move is vital to kicking-off your relationship with that person. There may be tons of things they want to say to you, but they’re too shy to start-up conversation. When you make the first move you’re showing the guy you’re interested in that you want to talk to them and are intrigued by what they have to say. Without you making the first move you may never know what kind of relationship you could have with that person as they may be unlikely to make any move at all.

Shy guys may have a lot to say, however you’ll never know unless you take the plunge. A shy guy will love the fact that you took the time out to go and talk to them – it’ll make them feel bolder and more comfortable about talking to you as the pressure has been taken off of them.

They Don’t Know if You’re Interested

Another reason why you should make the first move is he may not be sure if you’re interested or not. There is a lot of pressure on the guys end to be funny, charming and engaging in conversation; that alone is a lot let alone having to face the idea of rejection. When you make the first move you’re letting that gentleman know that you’re interested in them romantically. A lot of the time guys can be clueless as to whether you’re thinking of them that way or not. Making the first move lets them know that you’re thinking about them in terms of a romantic relationship.

Confidence Is Sexy

When you make the first move everyone will start perceiving a confident vibe from you and to your desired target this can be incredibly sexy. Inherent confidence will make you shine above all the rest and makes you seem more powerful in your body language. Naturally, people are more attracted to someone who is confident as they stand out from everyone else. Furthermore, if he didn’t think of you in that way he certainly will be now after your charm has worked it’s magic on him.

In addition, it’s a great way to start improving your self-confidence in dating and yourself. When dating making the first move will give you a sense of calm and control even in the face of rejection. You’ll start feeling more attractive than ever before.

So, should women make the first move? All the above reasons will help you in nabbing that perfect guy even if he’s not confident enough to make the first move. Remember there is nothing wrong with rejection and putting yourself on the line can be risky, but plenty of guys love it when a girl makes the first move. You’ll notice the difference when you start asking a guy out first.