A Safe Dating Profile

Remember to safeguard your privacy

Don't share your private information, such as your last name, credit card number etc., in either your profile or in messages to other users.

Don't be hasty in revealing your contact information

Sharing your email, home address or telephone number with other users or in your profile is a bad idea. Wait until you meet your real match or buy a user's contacts on our site.

Your password is also your private information

Never give your password to anyone, and don't let other people see it.

Online Interaction

Chat through ForeignGirlfriend

When chatting with our users, always consider what is worth saying and what should be hidden from others, for instance, your phone number, email or home address, work address, and so on. If you want to share something with another user, first try to buy their contact information via our special functionality.

Never rush

Getting to know a person always takes time. But emotions can overwhelm you, and you may neglect important aspects. Don't be in a hurry. Chat and let other users show themselves before you decide that you can trust them.

Rely on Yourself First

If you're really attracted to a person and want to meet, make sure they are who they claim to be. First make sure you've been communicating for long enough to know each other. Chat with users more and you'll know them better. Being on a dating site doesn't mean you should forget about your safety and completely rely on a website or occasion. It's your life, and you must always be vigilant to avoid troubles and enjoy your dating with the best singles. ForeignGirlfriend.com does not research our users and bears no responsibility for their background. Our site requires user verification before profile activation, but still, this doesn't guarantee you that a user you like is an honest person.

Money is as private as your intimate relationships

It's highly inappropriate to ask a person for any financial information. So, be sure you can and should reject such requests from other users. Never give your bank and account information to anyone else.

Always report suspicious behavior

Be constructive in your criticism, and if you feel or believe that someone behaves suspiciously or violates ForeignGirlfriend's terms and conditions, immediately report and block that user by visiting their profile and clicking on the gray arrow or the “Block” button.

First Meetings

The first date is always exciting. It fills you with expectation and joy. But even if you feel comfortable, don't forget about the necessary safety measures.


  • Inform your close friend about the date, the place where you meet with a date, and the time you're planning to be back
  • Arrange a date in a public place
  • Meet with a date at the place arranged, not near your home or work
  • Watch your drink intake
  • Keep your personal things with you (phone, wallet, etc.)
  • Keep your phone with you all the time
  • Stop the date and leave anytime you feel uneasy


  • Dating someone without telling a friend or a relative
  • Meeting with a date in an isolated place
  • Letting a date know your home or work address
  • Leaving your drink unattended
  • Staying or doing anything against your will
  • Meeting in a place where the mobile signal is low or absent
  • Going back home alone from a date or letting a date walk you home

Detecting Scammers

Report suspicious behavior once you detect it

Remember that people aren't always fair. If you believe that one of the users is a scammer, report it immediately by clicking on the gray arrow or the “Block” button.

Look through these examples of scammer activity:

  • asking you for money (no matter what for);
  • offering you communication via any other channel except ForeignGirlfriend.com (phone, Skype, another site, social networks etc.) If you want to communicate with any user in any other way than what ForeignGirlfriend offers, use our special functionality and buy the contact information of that user
  • not keeping track of the conversation and going off topic
  • being ready to love you and have a long-term relationship without getting to know you first
  • trying to sell you services or products
  • trying to get your personal information (email or home address, phone number, any financial information)
  • offering you a job

Learn More

You may find many more tips for safe online dating on the Internet. Do your research to prevent yourself from any possible troubles while dating people you don't know.
Take care and enjoy your perfect dates!