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Why do Western men look East to find their love and life partners? There are several valid reasons why they do, and once you know them, you may want to give it a try, too! And we are here to help you with it. However, first, let’s get some reasons why guys fail in their foreign dating at times.

Why guys fail in dating wonderful Polish girls?

Once people get online looking for dates from other and often time poorer countries, they tend to make mistakes. Such things can cost them a chance to meet some amazing Polish girls for friendship and love.

  • Stop shopping.
    Some men visit those dating sites or the ones for penpals as if they were shopping. They pick girls, check them in and out of their “basket”. They treat women as things. That is the major mistake you can make. Post model like Polish ladies is highly educated, smart and sensitive. They do not wish to be treated like that and would most likely dump the guys who do it.
  • Pick your faith match.
    Whatever you believe, be it Christianity, Islam or something else, consider it as an important matter. In Poland many ladies are Catholic. And they stick to their faith. If you wish to find a great date or a friend, make sure your values in the area of religion fall in line.
  • Respect her family and culture.
    Slavic culture is family centered. Unlike that in America people here may have large families with tons of people who you would not even consider to be your relatives. But they do, and you should respect that. Spend some time reading about her culture and values to avoid making unacceptable jokes or comments.

Now you know how to handle your Polish beauty. But why should you even try to get one?

Three motives behind dating Polish ladies:

  1. You both are going to like it.
    She has her reasons behind dating you. She may want to learn English or get a wealthy husband. However, you get a good looking lady from Poland, who values family life, knows how to keep a house, cook and make her hubby happy! What more do you need?
  2. She did not forget how to value a man.
    Western community puts a low value on men, and it lacks the respect for them. Many ladies from Poland still have that. They know how to appreciate a man and show that appreciation.
  3. She puts family first.
    Many ladies from the West put first her career. Your friend from Poland puts the family first as she has been trained that way from her childhood.

As you see, the reasons are valid, and you should not miss your chance for happy foreign dating with awesome brides from Poland. They do have much to offer.

Member 1543675849, 27 years old
Women , 27 years
POL | Gliwice
I am a warm-hearted, responsible, delicate, elegant, energetic, sentimental, witty and sociable lady. I am also determined, well- balanced, thoughtful, ...
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Member 2394437754, 22 years old
Women , 22 years
POL | Bratoszewice
I like people who are nice to me :) I love when man knows what he wants and he's not afraid to ask for it! My big turn on is success by all
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Member 3493670349, 27 years old
Women , 27 years
POL | Gdańsk
I am serious about building a family, but at the same time I know how spend time having fun. FUN is my middle name. So, if you're down for anything,
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Member 2303712021, 30 years old
Women , 30 years
POL | Lublin
I am funny, creative, active, caring, responsible, optimistic.. I adore experiments and socializing. Hate boring work.
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Member 1000115084, 33 years old
Women , 33 years
POL | Katowice
For the life I am extreme and adventurer person, I like to feel adrinalin. I am a sociable person, I have many friends
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Member 3989051243, 27 years old
Women , 27 years
POL | Gdańsk
I am an optimist. I am never disappointed with the life. Life is what you make of it.
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Member 3191770977, 31 years old
Women , 31 years
POL | Poznań
I'm sincere and consederate,honest,graceful and elegant. I like cleaning too. I believe I will be a good wife for family and a good employee for work. ...
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Member 1533727414, 26 years old
Women , 26 years
POL | Rzeszów
I'm a very active girl, and I like walking and fun.I love my city, and often like to walk on it and just see beautiful places.
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