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Elena and Daniel: Neither of us really believed we would find a serious relationship on a dating site, but regardless gave it a shot. And you know, the moment we started messaging each other, we both knew there was something special between us, but there were thousands of miles between us as well! All those flirty messages, hours spent talking in video chat and looking forward to seeing each other, it was wonderful. One day he asked me to come to see him, and that was the start of our story. Our friends and families are now intertwined and support our loving relationship. When Daniel asked me to marry him, my heart was filled with so much joy. We are looking forward to our wedding day and starting our very own family in the near future. And now I know exactly, if something is meant to be, it will happen. We want to thank for bringing us together and helping us create our love story even across different countries! Guys, it’s not magic… not fate, it’s something you can make happen by yourself, just join and see that your soulmate exists and is waiting!
Liza and Michael: All my life I’ve been living in a world where love has been just an empty word, until I saw an advert with a pretty girl on it. It was a ad. At that moment I decided to join it just for fun, to chat on webcam with a girl who wasn’t like the others. Suddenly I saw Liza, she was like an angel, so sweet and innocent… “She should be mine” – I thought, and literally inundated her with messages and presents. Despite the fact we lived in different continents and had different cultural backgrounds, we had a lot in common: films, music, and even the same favorite football team. First we got to know each other in video chat, and soon were pretty sure we were a match! She visited me after six months of chatting, but when it was my turn to visit her, I took her with me as my fiancée. I don’t know if it’s just chance, but meeting this woman is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. She’s really different, and the only one who could give me happiness and harmony. Thank you, ForeignGirlfriend.
Kevin and Masha: Kevin and I first started talking after I messaged him in a video chat room. We chatted a little and decided to visit each other, and this turned out to be the best date that I’ve ever had. We went downtown and had lunch and went sightseeing. He was such a gentleman, and I knew I wouldn't find another man like him in my country. Fast forward a year and while we were on a trip looking at a beautiful beach and lighthouse, Kevin gives me a sea shell and says, “Look what I found!” I open it and he gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. I couldn’t have been any happier. Now I understand that it was the right decision to register here and to try my luck with a foreign guy… Now I have a husband, my right hand, and support, who is also my best friend. Guess I’m lucky to find this feeling, so far from my motherland.
Vera and Mike: Mike and I met on ForeignGirlfriend and had our very first date in a month. Neither of us wanted it to end. After our first date, we met again when he visited me. Throughout our first year we traveled together and sometimes met in different countries. That was fun and adventurous! We quickly fell in love. Soon we bought a house and it has been a quite a ride. In 2015 he proposed to me, and today we are two weeks away from our wedding... Such a wonderful feeling to be a bride to this strong and smart man. I think I love him more every day, he is my soulmate and my life is complete because of him. Thank you for giving me a chance to be so happy. I don’t say it’s forever, I just say we are happy together because of this site. This match is a big slice of luck.
Jim and Victoria : When we started talking on here, neither of us had done online dating before. And after all those nights and days of webcam chatting, we decided to see each other. We were both nervous on our first date, of course… we are 2 different people from 2 different countries… But the more we spent time together, the more we fell for each other. Jim proposed on Christmas day in front of his family, and I was the happiest girl in the entire world. Now I can say that we make each other better people. Thank you, ForeignGirlfriend for being the perfect matchmaker and for changing our lives. We are getting married soon and we're ready to spend the rest of our lives together. If anyone is skeptical of online dating, my advice is to be smart and put yourself out could bring you your true soulmate, friend, and partner. And, ladies, if you see someone you like, message them first, it could change your life :-)
Mark and Olga: I had no intentions of dating, I just needed a date to my best friend’s wedding, and God knows why I chose ForeignGirlfriend to find it! After a few weeks of chatting and getting to know each other, it just happened! We fell for each other! Olga and I have grown so much together, and that's just the start of it! I liked her from first sight, such an open and sensual lady with a magical inner world, so outstanding and romantic, doesn’t look like the girls we have here. I’m so happy to find her, she makes my live harmonic and easier with all things she does for me. The true foreign treasure I was lucky to get for myself.
Kate and Bob: I messaged Bobby on January 2nd with a short and quick "Happy New Year". He messaged me back and I instantly knew he was going to be someone I wanted to get to know better. Since he got my sense of humor, I knew he was a smart guy. Just a few months later I suggest we meet in my country. I sent him a link of why having your first date here was the best idea ever. So we met soon. Even after we spent a long day together and I was a little bit shy… Bob was amazing and funny and charmed me totally. We laughed and shared stories of how we were single again and just had a good time. After that, we didn't go a day with talking on the phone, video chatting, or seeing each other. We are still pretty much inseparable. Thanks to ForeignGirlfriend I finally found the man I had been praying for. It’s really good place where people know what they want, so everyone will find a nice person here.
Tanya and Trevor: Tanya and I both got on FGF to casually meet people. I was new to the area and I thought it would be an easy way to meet new people. She contacted me and we started talking about the solo backpacking trip I was planning. This tender lady had done something very similar earlier that year, and we instantly bonded over that. We actually lost connection for a few months, but I contacted her again and we went on our first date! We went ice skating because it was around Christmas time. Everything about our relationship has just always felt so right. Most would probably say we have moved really fast, but we have always just been in sync and cannot deny the amazing connection and friendship we really share. Without the help of ForeignGirlfriend I know I would not have had the opportunity to meet my life partner. We are both introverts and found it complicated to meet people in real life. Thankfully we both took that little chance with online dating and found each other so easily.
Nina and Jack: We just wanted to thank you FGF for helping us find each other. We both knew before physically meeting that this was something special. It wasn’t hard, because we spent a lot of time video chatting ;) We fell in love fast and hard, and we are going to be married next year! We are fast people, yes… but this is all about love and magic we cannot resist. Yes, it wasn’t easy to get closer to a person from another country, but it was really worth it. Why? It’s a wonderful feeling to speak with someone who’s totally different, from tastes to culture and background. But despite this, we have the strongest connection a couple could have. Thank you so much for helping us to find our way to each other! We are wishing good luck to everyone who’s is still single and dreaming of love. Give ForeignGirlfriend a try and wait for love to come in a short time.
Sasha and Sam: I joined FGF dating site 2 years ago. I wanted to find a friend, but what I found was unimaginable. I found the love of my life and the best man I could have ever asked for. Sam is a loving man and I'm writing this story because I know people are afraid of dating websites. I want everyone to read this and know that it is possible to find your true love! Mine was living abroad and had been waiting for me for so long! Give it a chance, never set limits for yourself, and never give up. Remember, there is a perfect match for everyone, and you’re no exception. I will always support ForeignGirlfriend as I wouldn't be with the man of my dreams if it wasn't for this site. Thank you!